FYRE First Year Research Experience

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Amit Shukla, Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Office:  Engineering Bldg

Shukla Research Interests 

Amit Shukla is an expert in nonlinear dynamics and teaches in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department at Miami University. His teaching style is driven by a teaching philosophy with emphasis on learning with students at the center via Problem Based Learning. His research involves application of nonlinear dynamics in understanding of structural, engineered and natural systems.

Available FYRE Projects

  • Nonlinear dynamics of hypersonic aircraft structures
  • Nonlinear dynamics of Human Postural Control

Possible Outcomes

  • Get a course credit
  • Present your work at national and regional conferences
  • Be a co-author in a refereed journal publication

Project Descriptions

Nonlinear dynamics of hypersonic aircraft structures

This project is collaboration between US Air Force Research Lab and Miami to design and develop next generation of hypersonic aircraft for persistent strike capabilities. This project involves simulation and experimentation of the effect of thermal and acoustic loading on aircraft structures to predict their life and reliability. Goals of the program for the student to learn about nonlinear dynamics and chaos as exhibited by a wide variety of manmade or natural systems and how to exploit this phenomenon for our benefit. Examples include next generation of hypersonic aircrafts, human postural control system, hybrid dynamical systems.

Nonlinear dynamics of Human Postural Control

This project is collaboration between University of Cincinnati Center for Neuroscience and Miami to understand and model the effect of aging on human postural control system. We are developing diagnostic and prognostic models to predict the effect of disease and aging on human posture to help doctors in treating various balance disorders.