Emily Ryan

E. RyanCenter Coordinator for Planning and Communications

Office: 408 McGuffey Hall

Degrees: M.A. — Technical and Scientific Communications, Miami University
B.A. — Integrated Language Arts, Wright State University

Curriculum Vitae

Emily's Bio

Emily has worked with, or volunteered for, small business and non-profit groups for over 13 years. Her work philosophy includes applying her expertise and skills in ways that support others as well as “the good causes of the world.” Emily’s dedication to education began during her undergraduate studies in Integrated Language Arts at Wright State University. When Emily joined the Discovery Center (formerly Ohio’s E & A Center) in 2008, her career interests shifted from classroom teaching to areas where she could apply her communications knowledge more creatively. Since joining the Center, Emily’s expertise has grown exponentially from program assistance to communications and organizational planning and management. She currently directs the Center’s marketing and communications activities; leads Center colleagues in project management and planning processes; assists the Center Director with business and strategic growth planning; and assists clients with grant proposal development, writing, and submission. Emily earned her Master’s in Technical and Scientific Communications in 2015 (Miami University). She feels most in-her-element when she’s able to help others generate, polish, and effectively communicate their ideas as well as communicate with one-another to enhance productivity.

Emily’s Professional Success Formula

60% Communication (when in doubt, talk it out); 15% Strategy (plan it, before you do it); 15% Quality-Control (quality products or results take time); and 10% Follow-Through (work hard to keep your word).

Emily’s Work Commitments

Advocacy for genuine/respectful communication that increases awareness, mental health education, and equity and access in educational opportunity; Collaboration that allows individuals and entities to work across multiple fields/disciplines for a common good; and Strategic Innovation that promotes work-efficiency and knowledge-sharing through virtual communication that does not compromise the “human voice.”