Alison Lapointe

A SlaughterResearcher and Statistician

408 McGuffey Hall

M.S., Psychology, specializing in Quantitative Psychology, Illinois State University
B.A., Psychology; Mathematics, Roger Williams University

Curriculum Vitae

Alison’s Bio

Alison joined the Discovery Center in August 2017 as a Researcher and Statistician. She has been studying quantitative and research methodology for 5 years, and earned a Master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in Quantitative Psychology from Illinois State University in May 2017. As a student, her primary research interest was the interplay of romantic relationships and rejection. As a young woman, Alison loved math. Fueled by this interest, Alison plans to explore new areas of research, particularly related to advocacy of female participation in STEM education. Alison enjoys conducting statistical and applying meaning to numbers. She is invested in using her graduate experiences, as well as her extensive statistical training and skills, to contribute to the rich work of the Discovery Center.

Alison’s Professional Success Formula

50% Communication (talking it out increases collaboration and shared understanding);

25% Positive Reflection (learning from your mistakes); and

25% Efficiency (being productive and organized improves overall quality of work).

Alison’s Work Commitments

Advocacy for inclusive activities that provide all individuals the opportunity to reach their greatest potential; Collaboration that furthers the collective aims of teams and stakeholders; and Strategic Innovation to generate a more thorough understanding of the world around us and how to make it a better place.