Ashley Vaughn

Ashley VaughnAssistant Research Scientist

College of Education, Health, and Society
Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, & Professional Learning
408 McGuffey Hall
513-529-3443 (office)

Ph.D., Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati
M.S., Biology, University of Saint Joseph
M.A., Education, Mount Saint Joseph University
B.S., Natural Science, Mount Saint Joseph University

Curriculum Vitae

Ashley's Bio

Ashley has had a passion for STEM education her entire life. As the oldest of three, she was always organizing elaborate classrooms and creating mini vet clinics with her two sisters. Growing up, the science fair was always her favorite time of year when she would compete in the Environmental IQ Bowl. Since childhood, Ashley has combined her love of teaching and science, first by completing a B.S. in Biology, then by earning graduate degrees in Education (MA) and Biology (MS), and finally a Ph.D. in Educational Studies. Ashley applies her skills in developmental and learning sciences, mixed-methods research, assessment, and evaluation to explore facets of support for STEM education, academic motivation, equity and inclusion, and imposter phenomenon.

Ashley’s Professional Success Formula

25% Belonging (build a bigger table; modify the chairs); 25% Competence (support/show-off what you know; celebrate your skills); 25% Autonomy (you know yourself best); and 25% Humor (take a moment to laugh a little).

Ashley’s Work Commitments

Advocacy for a more just society; Collaboration that values interdisciplinary teams working synergistically; and Strategic Innovation with respect for the human experience.