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At the Discovery Center, we strive to provide quality products and services to our customers, clients, and stakeholders. We also are committed to sharing resources, tools, and knowledge to help guide the research, evaluation, and professional learning initiatives of others.


In Tools, we describe the importance of a Systematic Inquiry Cycle, and provide sample resources, such as logic models, timelines, evaluation matrices, and more, for designing, implementing, and evaluating your work.

Knowledge Center

In our Knowledge Center, you will find information about the Discovery Center’s projects, and sample products developed and published by the Center.

The resources, tools, and products included on the Discovery Center's website are intended to provide helpful information, and facilitate the work of others. If, at any time, you experience any issues accessing the documents provided on our website, or if you would like to request remediation of these documents, please contact the Center's Coordinator of Communications and Planning, Ms. Emily Ryan via email or telephone, 513-529-0232.