State-wide Evaluation of the Ohio Resident Educator (RE) Program (2011 - 2016)

Focus Area: Teacher Preparation, Induction, and Development

Project Description: The Ohio Resident Educator Program (REP) is a multi-year teacher-induction program designed to improve teacher retention, enhance teacher quality and effectiveness, and result in improved student achievement in Ohio. The Discovery Center’s state-wide, external evaluation involves high-level analyses of  program implementation at the State, local, and individual (Resident Educator and RE Mentor) levels, and includes four primary evaluation foci: (a) implementation fidelity and compliance, (b) implementation quality and effectiveness, (c) implementation influence and impact, and (d) implementation scale-up and sustainability. Since 2011, the Discovery Center, along with researchers from University of Cincinnati and Ohio University, has led a state-wide evaluation of Ohio’s RE Program. Using findings from a concurrent nested, mixed-methods evaluation design, the Center has provided the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) with formative feedback to improve program implementation and effectively scale the program for 30,000+ Ohio teachers.

Product/Publication: Presentation on Evaluation Findings, June 2016 (see Resources Library)