Leadership Team

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Dean Denise Taliaferro BaszileDenise Taliaferro Baszile
Associate Dean, Diversity and Student Experience
Professor, Educational Leadership
McGuffey Hall, 202
Email: taliafda@MiamiOH.edu 
Office: 513-529-1798
Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers

ICJW Commitment

Dr. Denise Taliaferro Baszile serves as Associate Dean of Diversity and Student Experience, and Professor of Curriculum & Cultural Studies in the Department of Educational Leadership at Miami University. Dr. Taliaferro Baszile has an impressive track-record of academic and administrative experience. She holds a Ph.D. from Louisiana State University, with research interests focused on understanding curriculum as racial/gendered text with an emphasis on disrupting traditional modes of knowledge production, validation and representation. 

Denise’s dedication to education over the past 25 years, along with the pivotal support she has provided for the development of community-based partnerships while at Miami are key indicators of her support for the ICJW’s mission and principles.  


Kevin BushKevin Bush
Professor, Family Science and Social Work and Educational Psychology
McGuffey Hall, 100J
Email: bushkr@MiamiOH.edu
Office: 513-529-0405
Gender Pronouns: He/Him/His

ICJW Commitment

Dr. Kevin Bush has been with Miami University since 2005. Dr. Bush is a Professor in the Departments of Educational Psychology and Family Science & Social Work at Miami University, and served as Associate Dean of the College of Education, Health, and Society from 2015 to 2020. He holds a Ph.D. in Human Development & Family Relations from The Ohio State University, with research experience and interests focused on …. 

Kevin’s dedication to education over the past 25+ years, along with his involvement in supporting ... while at Miami are key indicators of his support for the ICJW’s mission and principles.   


Sharon CusterSharon Custer
Social Work Field Education Director
Family Science and Social Work
College of Education, Health and Society
McGuffey Hall, 101 D
Email: custersl@MiamiOH.edu
Office: 513-529-3425

ICJW Commitment

Dr. Sharon Custer oversees internships for our social work students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. She works with both students and our partners agencies to create matches based on learning needs, professional experience, geographic location, and agency culture. She also uses her 15+ years of social work experience to embed practical lessons into many of the FSW classes to ensure students are exposed to trauma-responsive interventions, substance use treatment, family development expectations, and more. Sharon partners with a wide-range of EHS faculty to support their programs in understanding trauma, mandated reporting, and crisis de-escalation techniques. 

Sharon’s commitment to our community partners has helped to create numerous professional development trainings, internships, research opportunities, and interdisciplinary projects around trauma, behavioral-health interventions, and supporting families across the lifespan. She serves on many advisory boards throughout the region and as a liaison between the university and the community on many initiatives. 


Michael EvansMichael Evans
Associate Professor or Family, School & Community Connections
College of Education, Health, and Society
McGuffey Hall, 306G
Email: mevans@MiamiOH.edu 
Office: 513-529-6410
Gender Pronouns: He/Him/His

ICJW Commitment

Michael holds a joint appointment in the Departments of Educational Leadership, Teaching, Curriculum, and Educational inquiry, and Family Science & Social Work.  His research interests include family, school and community relationships and the use of grassroots organizing strategies as an educational change strategy. Michael created, and currently helps to manage two academic programs at Miami University, the Bachelor of Science in Education Studies and the Minor in Community-Based Leadership programs. He is also Co-Editor of the Information Age Publishing (IAP) series on Family, School and Community Partnerships and is Co-Editor of the Journal of Family Diversity in Education with Dr. Érica Fernández.

Michael is committed to conducting and supporting community engaged and community-based scholarship that addresses social justice issues.  


Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson
Senior Clinical Lecturer
Professor in Educational Psychology

ICJW Commitment

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Miami logoAmy Lamborg, 
Grant Facilitator
College of Education, Health and Society
McGuffey Hall, 127
Email: Lambora@MiamiOH.edu
Office: 513-529-6929
Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers

ICJW Commitment

Amy is a grant facilitator for ICJW and the College of Education, Health, and Society. She helps find funding sources for research or community projects, and assists with local-, state-, and federal grant proposal development, including proposal planning, writing, budgeting, and management of all supplemental paperwork/forms to ensure submission of proposal information into funding agency systems. Amy also facilitates training for finding appropriate funding and writing grant proposals. Her ability to work with Miami faculty, staff, and associated partners allows her to build fundraising capacity inside and outside of Miami.

Amy is enthusiastic about building collaborative partnerships to accomplish research or community projects. Many of the projects she assists with reflect ICJW principles of partnership and include a diverse set of stakeholders working together for mutually beneficial outcomes focused on stimulating transformative possibility from the bottom up and enabling marginalized communities to challenge unjust structures that impinge on people’s access to quality education, health and wellbeing. 

Beth MillerBeth Miller
Associate Professor of Nutrition
College of Education, Health, and Society
Phillips Hall, 100E
Email: mille736@MiamiOH.edu
Office: 513-529-2619
Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers

ICJW Commitment

Dr. Beth Miller is an Associate Professor of Nutrition at Miami University. Beth is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist who began her career first as a clinical dietitian specializing in the nutrition needs of critically ill patients and later as a corporate health specialist directing employee wellness programs. She received her Master’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati in Health Promotion & Education and her undergraduate degree in Dietetics from the University of Dayton. She has received Certificates of Training in Weight Management for both children and adults from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Before coming to Miami University, she worked as a community-based researcher. 

Beth’s research aligns with ICJW’s core principles and focuses broadly on enhancing community nutrition and health and reducing obesity and food insecurity, particularly in medically underserved communities and those with fewer resources where large health disparities and high rates of obesity and food insecurity exist. She utilizes a Community-Based Participatory approach to research in which she forms mutually-beneficial partnerships with community individuals and organizations to address identified needs and design interventions to improve the nutrition and health status of community members. She has been working to connect the produce from Miami’s organic farm to the local food pantry, as well as increase the capacity of children/families living in low-income housing to access food through gardening. She has partnered with Head Start and the parents of Head Start preschoolers to better understand the nutrition challenges contributing to a growing obesity rate in this age group. She has worked with the Latinx community to better understand sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and the connection to identity.

Emily RyanEmily Ryan
Coordinator for Planning & Communications,
Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, and Professional Learning
McGuffey Hall, 408
Email: ryanee2@MiamiOH.edu
Office: 513-529-0232
Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers

ICJW Commitment

Emily Ryan is the Coordinator for Planning and Communications in the Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, and Professional Learning. Since joining the Center in 2008, Emily’s responsibilities have been multi-faceted and her expertise has grown from marketing and communications, to business management and strategic growth planning, as well as grant proposal development, writing, and submission. In her various roles, Emily has had the opportunity to support several externally-funded (e.g., NSF, NIH, USDOE, ODE, ODH) research/evaluation projects involving cognitive and non-cognitive barriers to learning and well-being. Projects rooted in mental health awareness and advocacy, as well as equity in education and well-being have fueled her passion for understanding more about behavioral and mental health work. As part of one of Discovery’s state-funded projects, she also has participated in several Mental Health First Aid (Adult and Youth) trainings. Aside from her duties at the Discovery Center, Emily has worked with and volunteered for small business and non-profit groups for 15+ years. More specifically, since 2014, she has volunteered in supporting Miami’s Student Counseling Services Suicide Prevent Team’s efforts.

Emily is most in-her-element when she is able to help others generate and effectively communicate their ideas, as well as communicate with one another, to enhance productivity and enable meaningful and sustainable change. Emily’s passion to support “the good causes of the world,” including the health and well-being of others, along with her commitment to supporting mutually beneficial and inclusive collaboration across multiple fields/disciplines, are key indicators of her support for the ICJW’s mission and principles. 

Tammy SchwartzTammy Schwartz, Ph.D.
Director, Urban Cohort
College of Education, Health, and Society
McGuffey Hall, 127A
Email: schwarta@MiamiOH.edu
Office: 513-529-0435
Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers

ICJW Commitment

Dr. Tammy Schwartz is the Director of the Urban Cohort and a faculty member in the College of Education, Health and Society at Miami University. As an instructor of education and director of the Urban Cohort at Miami University, Tammy works to change the lives of inner-city Cincinnati kids with the same tool that changed her own life—education. Her deepest interests include the educational experiences of children who are marginalized for any reason and the preparation of resilient and community-minded teachers who are equipped to ensure the success of marginalized children. Her passion for this work is rooted in her history as an urban child living with poverty and as an urban public school teacher. She holds great hope for the future of public education.

Tammy’s dedication to education over the past 30 years, including her work with the Urban Cohort and Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) are key indicators of her support for the ICJW’s mission and principles.  


Miami logoAllison Sears

Resource Coordinator, Initiative for Community Justice and Wellbeing
College of Education, Health, and Society
Fairview-Clifton German Language School
Cincinnati Public Schools
Email: searsam2@MiamiOH.edu
Office: 513-363-2173
Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers 

ICJW Commitment

Allison is a Resource Coordinator for the College of Education, Health and Society's Initiative for Community Justice and Wellbeing at Miami University. She serves as a liaison between Miami University and school-community stakeholders with the Fairview-Clifton German Language School within Cincinnati Public Schools. 

Alison obtained her B.A. in International Studies from Bowling Green State University before moving to Cincinnati, OH. Her passion for working with diverse cultures and languages has been an asset for collaborating with community partners. She uses this lens to create and implement strategic and innovative programs for students and families with backgrounds and home languages from not only Greater Cincinnati, but regions throughout the world. Allison believes it is essential to understand that availability does not inherently indicate accessibility, and creating accessible opportunities and programming for all, is a key to growth in education and beyond.

Monica StreitMonica Streit
Administrative Assistant
Sports Leadership and Management
College of Education, Health, and Society
Laws Hall, 120
Email: streitm@MiamiOH.edu
Office: 513-529-0237
Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers

ICJW Commitment

Monica joined the Dean’s Office of the College of Education, Health, and Society in 2013 where she supported EHS Associate Deans with event/meeting planning and management, as well as fiscal and building operations. During her prior 20+ years at Miami, Monica provided administrative support to Miami’s Student Health Center. Monica is a 2008 Miami University graduate, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. At present, Monica provides administrative assistance for the College of EHS, Sports Leadership and Management (SLAM) program.

Miami logoBarb Ribbler
Administrative Assistant
College of Education, Health, and Society
McGuffey Hall, 127
Email: ribblebk@MiamiOH.edu
Office: 513-529-0430
Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers

ICJW Commitment

Barb joined the Dean’s Office of the College of Education, Health, and Society in 2016. She provides administrative support for key segments of the ICJW including the Urban Cohort Program and the Dennis L. Carlson Sexuality Education Studies Center. She brings prior experience as a freelance business owner, and summer camp & retreat center office manager.  Over the last 14 years she has supported Miami University operations through payroll, residential services, dining services, and EHS partnership relations. Barb plans to continue her graduate studies at Miami after attaining a B.F.A. with a focus in Sculpture.

Barb believes strongly in the power of collective good, by acknowledging the diversity of thought, background and motivation found in each individual. 

Special Thanks to Esther Claros Berlioz and Vijay Paralkar for their assistance in helping to envision and shape early-stage ICJW development efforts.