Our History

Our History

The Initiative for Community Justice and Wellbeing (ICJW) was first established in 2018, by several leaders in the College of Education, Health, and Society, all sharing the same passion and dedication for working with university and community partners to improve equity in the areas of education, health, and well-being in local communities and across our campus community. 

At present, ICJW exists as a collaboration among College of Education, Health, and Society faculty, staff, students and university/community partners dedicated to building upon the rich history of community justice, wellbeing, and partnership development work being conducted within EHS, across Miami’s campus, and more broadly throughout Ohio. Current work of ICJW members spans across a variety of projects and initiatives, as well as university-community partnership lines. Whether conducted collaboratively or individually, the work conducted among ICJW group members reflects a set of shared values which are aligned with ICJW’s core principles: Collaboration, Reciprocity, Transdisciplinarity, and Social Justice.

Our Focus

A major focus of the ICJW, moving forward, is to build upon the synergistic relationships already established at Miami and across Ohio to explore commonalities across existing work. By combining like-minded ideas, as well as knowledge and resources, the ICJW group hopes to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the meaningful work already being conducted. 

Another driving force for ICJW efforts comes from a mutual desire to contribute to critical areas of education, health, and well-being and to create, navigate, and negotiate transformative possibilities in the face of structural inequities and limited resources. Two primary foci among the ICJW group are to: 

  • Develop and offer cultural proficiency education training within EHS, across Miami’s campus, and locally; and
  • Develop and disseminate knowledge about successes and lessons-learned from long-standing partnership development work.