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The work of ICJW members spans across a variety of projects and initiatives, as well as university-community partnership lines. Some of the most successful and impactful EHS partnership work conducted has been with community-based organizations (i.e. schools, service agencies, community centers, and other community organizations). 

Over the years, EHS has established the partnerships described here, and more, seeking to extend its reach, where possible, in support of the wider community and its goals. As such, continuing and strengthening partnership work within EHS, at Miami, and across local communities remains a major focus among ICJW initiatives. Partnerships provide opportunities to put research into practice, and collaborate across a diverse set of stakeholders toward mutually beneficial outcomes focused on stimulating transformative possibility, which challenges unjust structures that impinge on people’s access to quality education, health and wellbeing. 

Examples of past and present ICJW partnership work by faculty/staff throughout the College of EHS include the following:

Participatory-Based Education & Partner-Oriented Student Learning

Sexuality Education, Awareness, and Health Equity

Food Insecurities and Nutrition Education

Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization

Mindfulness & Mental Health Awareness and Resiliency

  • Mindfulness & Contemplative Inquiry Center 
  • Hamilton City Schools (Mental Health Support)
    Several members throughout EHS and the Center of School Based Mental Health have been supporting Hamilton City School District's efforts to enhance the screening and intervention services for students experiencing mental and behavioral health needs. Miami students involved in teacher education, social work, and educational psychology are completing practicums associated with their disciplines and are engaged in research and evaluation of various initiatives.
  • Warren County ESC (Mental Health Research, Screenings, Trainings)
    The Warren County Educational Service Center hosts a continuum of alternative education options for students across the region needing extra educational or therapeutic supports. The ongoing partnerships with their programs have led to numerous partnership projects designed to promote wellness for their students and staff. Miami faculty, staff, and students have taken active roles in researching, implementing, and evaluating these projects.
  • Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success

Cultural Proficiency in Education & Community

Family and Community Engagement

  • Butler County Education Service Center / Head Start
  • Pause for Families, Play for Kids
    Pause for Families, Play for Kids provides opportunities for caregivers of children with special needs to rest, gain new knowledge and skills, and develop connections with other caregivers who can support and empathize given their lived experiences. The Family Fun Nights, Thrive Night events, and one-on-one mentoring for the young people are designed to build resilience and create socialization experiences in safe and supported environments. Our partnership with the Pause team has developed numerous volunteer and internship experiences for Miami students as well as advisory board roles and research opportunities for students, faculty and staff.
  • Oxford Seniors
    Oxford Seniors is a long-standing partner with the Miami community and integrates Miami students, faculty, and staff in many of their activities designed to support the senior community including recreation, transportation, outreach, support groups, adult day programs, and more. Regular collaboration with EHS faculty and staff enables Miami members to support Oxford Seniors’ programming though volunteer experiences, internships, and part time employment.