Professional Services

The Mindfulness & Contemplative Inquiry Center (MCIC) provides services to individuals, groups, organizations, communities, across the lifespan. These programs are led by facilitators who weave their significant trauma training throughout each service AND who are certified to facilitate using their anti-oppressive practices training and Certificate and Cultural Proficiency Certified Training.

Consulting about adding Mindfulness and/or Contemplative practices to your organization.

We receive requests about how to utilize mindfulness, compassion, and other contemplative practices into an organization's culture. We will work with you to explore your options and create a plan.


Presentations are typically 1 to 2 hours and introduce an organization, group, or community to a particular theme in the context of Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices/Inquiry/ Research, social emotional intelligence, learning, and/or skill development. We are frequently called upon to provide presentations about leadership, professional skills, particular interventions, communication, and or how these ideas connect with just communities. We provide the most updated information about these topics and designed to meet the particular wants/needs of the group requesting this information. Recent presentations have been to physical therapists, occupational therapists, educational administrators, managers, counselors, social workers, para-professionals, business managers, community activists, volunteer coordinators, non-profit organizations, and other public health providers.

We also provide professional development credits (CE or CEU) when given advanced notice.


Workshops typically last ½ to multiple days and can be offered over a period of time. Workshop sizes vary depending upon the topic.

Evidence Based Programs

We have highly trained, qualified and/or certified (depending on the intervention requirement) facilitators for the following evidence based programs:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindful Schools

Mindful Self-Compassion

Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra

Dialectical Cognitive Behavior Therapy (DBT) support

Curriculum Development

We create and co-create programs and curricula designed for and with individuals, groups, communities, and organizations. This is a deliberate process where needs/wants are identified.

Here are a few examples

Mindful Living / Compassionate Learning for Wise Elders

Whole Child Alternative Education Programming

Trauma Sensitive Anti-oppressive Informed Mindfulness & Self-compassion

Fit4Success: A holistic program designed for organizations connecting mindfulness, compassion, social emotional learning, and other contemplative practices with brief exercise and nutritional support. This project occurs in partnership with Kinesiology and Health.

Learning Communities

We have been providing learning communities since our inception. We will have a new format for providing learning communities to organizations interested in culture change.

One to One Leadership Support

Many of the above services are group oriented. We also have one to one support for organizational leaders as they navigate their way through an ever changing work and life landscapes. A link to this service will be available starting in 2020 academic year


Do you require an evaluation component related to your project? Are you utilizing Mindfulness & Contemplative Inquiry, social emotional skills and/or practices at your organization and want to gauge their impact? Let us know and we will work with the Discovery Center to meet these needs.

Report writing

One optional component of a long term project is a mid-term and/or final report designed to meet the needs of each partner. This is often a service connected to longer term programs and/or partnerships.