Miami campus residence halls Miami campus residence halls
 Hahne Hall  Hahne Hall
 Hepburn Hall  Hepburn Hall
 Havighurst Residence Hall  Havighurst Residence Hall
 Hillcrest Hall  Hillcrest Hall
 Fisher Hall  Fisher Hall
 McBride Hall  McBride Hall
Flower Hall Flower Hall
 Beechwoods Hall  Beechwoods Hall
Anderson Hall Anderson Hall
 Bishop Hall  Bishop Hall
 Brandon Hall  Brandon Hall
 Clawson Hall  Clawson Hall
 Collins Hall  Collins Hall
Emerson Hall Emerson Hall

Arrangements have been made to house summer scholars at Miami’s Residence Halls, which are a short walk from our summer classroom. This housing arrangement will have some singles and doubles available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please be aware that these are traditional dormitory facilities with shared bathroomsl They do not feature all the amenities of hotel rooms and rentals.

Institute Housing: Package total equates to $608.79 ($579.80 with $28.99 service fee)
  • Includes nights of June 18 through June 29, late check out on June 30th included.
  • Single occupancy in a centrally air-conditioned, traditional residence hall.
  • Includes a weekly linen package with sheets, towels, washcloths, a pillow, and blanket.
  • Extra nights available if travel plans call for dates before or after the Institute. Cost $45 plus $2.25 per night
  • Double occupancy rooms are available for the Institute at a total cost of $457.59 per person. Roommate assignments will not be completed by the Institute. Guests must directly contact Miami University's Conference Services office (513-529-3771) for double occupancy reservations. Should one roommate become unavailable, the remaining guest would pay for single occupancy.