Meet Our Staff

Carly FederinkoCarly Federinko (they/them)

Carly is a graduate student in the Student Affairs in Higher Education master's program at Miami University. In addition to the work they complete in the center, Carly also assists in the FSW 365 classroom, an inclusive sexuality education course. They are excited to continue to explore the many areas of student affairs during their time here, and they especially hope to deepen their knowledge of DEI and international student services.

Kate KuvalankaKate Kuvalanka, Ph.D. (she/her)

Dr. Kate Kuvalanka (Dr. K) is a Professor and Interim Chair in the Department of Family Science and Social Work. Dr. K’s research focuses on LGBTQ family issues, including the experiences of youth and young adults with LGBTQ parents. For the past 10 years, she has been conducting a longitudinal study with 50 families with transgender and gender-diverse children. She’s excited to help figure out the future of the SESC! Reach out to her at with questions!

Megan KuykendollMegan Kuykendoll (she/they)

Megan is the Director of the SESC, Instructor & eLearning Coordinator for the Department of Family Science and Social Work. They teach FSW 365: Family Life Sexuality Education and work with a variety of students and professionals on issues related to sex and sexuality within and outside of Miami University's Oxford campus. Megan's work and teaching strives to be inclusive, accessible, and equitable across a variety of formats, and they promote evidence-informed and justice-oriented sexuality education. Megan is particularly excited to be more involved with campus advocacy work and faculty research communities in her new role as SESC Director. Want to get involved with the SESC? Email Megan at to join in.

Richelle FrabottaRichelle Frabotta (SESC founder and former Coordinator)

Richelle has been a professional Sexuality Educator since 1992; certified as an Educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educator Counselors and Therapists since 1996 and as a Supervisor since 2015.  She teaches a multitude of subjects that are Human Sexuality to 4th – 12th grades in schools, institutions of higher education, public, private and non-profit organizations, faith communities, alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities, jails…anywhere she is invited…for a cumulative number of students in the thousands. When training colleagues and those working in human services, she emphasizes that sexuality education should be taught from a medically accurate, compassionate, and person-centered perspective with methods that are developmentally relevant, culturally inclusive, grounded in research and best practices, and informed by a code of ethics.  She never forgets that teaching also means learning from her students.