Teaching Philosophy

Sexuality is facts, statistics, physiological functions, brain chemistry and responses. And sexuality is integral core values, beliefs, perceptions, power differentials, intimacy and identities. It is the essence of our individual humanness and often the defining concern of our collective humanity. It is the personal and the private; the professional and the public.  It is absolutely the political and the religious.

Sexuality Education is a multi-faceted dynamic discipline that speaks to intersectionality in the truest sense. It is imperative that lesson plans and services are contemplated, constructed and delivered from research-supported sources that present a medically accurate view while consciously valuing human diversity and experience...for all. In sum, quality sexuality education promotes, encourages and provides the student a map for navigating the complexities of sexual health and wellness.

When I teach about human sexuality, regardless of the venue, my primary goals are to affect a progressed comfort level and provide an evolved understanding of the subject matter with all participants in my classroom. I do this by (co)creating an atmosphere of acceptance where we can raise awareness for personal reflection while practicing critical thinking. I recognize that teaching openly and frankly from a sex positive perspective increases comfort level and knowledge with what are historically, traditionally and potentially awkward and challenging subjects. I use multiple teaching strategies, methodologies, comprehensive sexuality education theory and humor to encourage my students to relate and integrate concepts into their unique way of connecting sexually with themselves and others. All sexuality education services that I provide incorporate contemporary standards of excellence, best practices and ethics.


As a preventionist by training, I want students to use sexuality information to consciously create a road map of values, beliefs, and identified behaviors that help navigate the present so as to positively impact the future. I want application of increased comfort level and knowledge to happen! In my classrooms, I actuate reality-based sexuality education taught with the following actionable principles:

  • teaching from a student-centered perspective
  • maintaining an inclusive, affirming classroom
  • stressing the importance of interpersonal communication
  • facilitating learning opportunities to cultivate effective communication skills
  • promoting personal accountability and advocating for “walking the walk” 

I am steadfast about teaching human sexuality in a most ethical and professional manner.  It is crucial that I not cause harm to myself, my students or my colleagues. I believe in establishing credibility that indicates unequivocally that I am a trained and certified professional. I am knowledgeable about resources, value the role of media and employ measured and proven curricula.  I am trustworthy and respectful of confidences. I impart accurate information in a developmentally aware, chronologically relevant and affirming manner. Maintaining an on-going membership and volunteering for leadership roles in AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists), promoting and pursuing further education and training while maintaining a reasoned awareness of “sex/ual/ity in popular culture” and staying active on academic list serves are a few ways that I demonstrate my commitment to providing quality sexuality education services.  

I advocate for and actively promote accountability in my field.  Currently, anyone can refer to themselves as a Sexuality Educator. It is a concern of mine that those who provide sexuality education services are appropriately trained and credentialed.  Mentoring and identifying teaching resources locally and nationally are components of my job that I value highly. And I am working diligently against those who downplay, distort and damage the status, role and proven benefits of quality sexuality education. As a long-standing member of AASECT including time on the Ethics Committee as well as teaching several Ethics workshops, I continue to explore the role of boundaries, regulations and guidelines within our vast array of sexuality service providers. As previous chair of the AASECT CE Credits Committee, I and my committee of nationally recognized providers, set the standard for competency with regard to presenters and programming. As a mentor, I am proud to note that I have supervised AASECT Sexuality Education certification successfully for several local and out-of-state colleagues.

Sexuality Education is my passion.  As an educator with 25+ years of professional experiences in the field, I believe strongly in prevention education and I endeavor to empower people to make healthy choices for sexual expression and sexual wellness. It’s just the right thing to do.