Questionnaire and Test Design-Analysis Laboratory Workshops

An Introduction to the Design and Evaluation of Tests

Presents the key components of how to design and evaluate tests (multiple choice, true/false, partial credit).

An Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Surveys and Questionnaires

Presents the key components of how to design and evaluate surveys which result in the collection of quantitative data. Examples of such surveys are those which use a ratings scale such as Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree. Surveys discussed also include those which ask respondents to indicate a frequency (e.g. Very Often, Often, Sometimes, Seldom, Never) or a ranking (rate 5 items from most useful to least useful).

Introduction to Rasch Measurement

Provides an introduction to both the theory and the practice in the use and application of Rasch measurement techniques for the analysis of test and survey data. A component of each workshop includes the analysis of data from each participant. Free Ministeps provided through the Winsteps WWW Rasch is used in this workshop.

Intermediate Rasch Measurement

topics and techniques which can be applied by individuals who have some working knowledge of Rasch measurement techniques. Emphasis is placed upon the real world analysis of data using Ministeps software.

Developing Meaningful Presentations, Reports, Grant Proposals and Articles

A key component of any evaluation effort is the clear and succinct authoring of text as well as the creation of figures and associated tables to clearly communicate findings to stakeholders. This workshop presents the ins and outs of making sure one clearly communicates findings using a variety of presentation methods.

Introduction to the Real World use of Statistics to Evaluate Test and Survey Data

Provides a succinct useful overview of key statistical techniques. SPSS software and sample data sets are used in this workshop.

Introduction to Program Evaluation

A "program evaluation" is an effort to evaluate the impact of an initiative. A program evaluation can take place in almost any field (education, medicine, business). This workshop presents the key components of designing and carrying out a program evaluation. Following completion of the workshop participants will be able to design and carry out a basic program evaluation.

Successful Publication of Evaluation Efforts

A critical component of any evaluation effort is the successful publication of research results. This workshop provides actionable guidance to participants to guide steps which must be taken to successfully publish.

Hybrid Workshop

A hybrid workshop presenting more than one workshop topics can be presented to meet client’s needs.