Brittany Aronson

B. AronsonAssociate Professor 

McGuffey 300-G

Ph.D. in Learning Environments and Educational Studies, University of Tennessee
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership, Vanderbilt University
B.A. in Elementary Education, University of Florida

Curriculum Vitae


Brittany Aronson is an assistant professor in educational leadership. She earned her Ph.D. in Cultural Studies in Education from the University of Tennessee in 2014. She also holds two certificates in Qualitative Research Methods in Education and Educational Policy. Brittany’s research and teaching are grounded in issues of critical social justice for both future and practicing educators. Her research and teaching stem from her former elementary school teaching experiences and current work with teacher education. Her research couples her cultural studies and social foundations in education background with current contemporary issues. She has been published in Review of Educational Research, Journal of Critical Policy Studies, Teachers College Record, and Multicultural Perspectives. See more.


Key Professional Appointments

08/17-now Assistant Professor of Sociocultural Foundations in Educational Leadership
Miami University, Oxford Ohio

08/14-05/17 Visiting Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Miami University, Oxford Ohio

08/13-08/14 Managing Editor, Journal International Education
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Current Title

08/17-now Assistant Professor of Sociocultural Foundations in Educational Leadership

Professional Affiliations

2011-present, Association of Teacher Educators (ATE)
2011-present, National Association of Multicultural Educators (NAME)
2011-present, American Educational Studies Association (AESA)
2005-present, National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
2014-present, National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE)
2005-present, American Educational Research Association (AERA)


Doctor of Philosophy
Learning Environment and Educational Studies
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
August 2014
Primary Specialization: Cultural Studies in Education
Secondary Specialization: Curriculum, Teaching and Teacher Education
Cognate: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Master of Education
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
August 2007
Curriculum and Instructional Leadership
Specialization: Literacy

Elementary Education
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
May 2005
Graduated Cum Laude

Certificate in Educational Policy
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
May 2015

Certificate of Qualitative Research Methods in Education
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
May 2014

Certificate in Grant Writing and Proposal Development
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
May 2014

George Professional Teaching Certificate: Elementary Education K-8
George Department of Educaiton
May 2007

Virginia Professional Teaching Certificate: Elementary Education K-6
Virginia Department of Education
May 2008

Florida Professional Teaching Certificate: Elementary Education K-6
Florida Department of Education
May 2005

Awards and Honors

Phi Kappa Delta, 2012-present

Educators Hall of Honor Scholarship Award, University of Tennessee, 2014

Graduate Fee Scholarship awarded at the University of Tennessee, 2010-2014

John R. and Nancy S. Ray Fellowship Award, University of Tennessee, 2013

Graduate Fee Scholarship awarded at Vanderbilt University, 2005-2007

Peabody Dean’s Scholarship Award, Vanderbilt University, 2005-2007

ETS Recognition of Excellence, PRAXIS Pedagogy and Praxis, 2005

Graduate with honest honors from the University of Florida, 2005

Vernice Law Hearn Scholarship, University of Florida, 2004

Broward County Retired Educators Association Scholarship, 2003

Community Foundation of Broward County Scholarship, 2003

Research & Service


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
Reyes, G., Aronson, B., Batchelor, K., Ross, G., & Radina, R. (accepted) “Working in Solidarity: Intersectional Feminist Self-Study Methodology as a Means to Inform Social Justice Teacher Education.” Action in Teacher Education.

Aronson, B., & Meyers, L. (2020). Critical Race Theory and the Teacher
Education Curriculum: Challenging Understandings of Racism, Whiteness, and White
Supremacy. Whiteness and Education.

Aronson, B., Banda, R., Johnson, A., Kelly, M., Radina, R., Reyes, G., Sander, S., & Wronowski, M. (accepted). The Social Justice Teaching Collaborative: A Collective Turn Towards Critical Teacher Education. Journal of Curriculum Studies Research.

Aronson, B., Reyes, G., Banda, R., Barrios, V., Castaneda, M., & Claros Berlioz, E., (accepted). Improvising a Space for Us: A Testimonio from a Latina Diaspora Group.
Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy.

Perez, D. II, Aronson. B., Reyes, G., Ironstrack, G., Kimple, K., Birkenhauer, L. Bermudez, G., & Carrubba-Whetstine, C. (2020). Advancing New Understandings of Minoritized Student Success at a Selective, Midwestern University: Perspectives from a Faculty Learning Community. Learning Communities Journal, 12(#).

Aronson, B., Meyers, L., & Winn, V. (2020). “Lies My Teacher [Educator] Still Tells”: Using Critical Race Counternarratives to Disrupt Whiteness in Teacher Education. The Teacher Educator, 55(3), 300-322.

Anderson, A., & Aronson, B. (2020). Learning to Teach in Diverse Schools: Two Approaches to Teacher Education. The Qualitative Report, 25(1), 105-126. ( ResearchGate views: 47; Website downloads- 209 times; H Index 21; Quartile 1; Acceptance Rate 44%; Aronson contribution 50%- cited 1 time)

Shabazz, S., Sohn, B. K., Harness, M., & Aronson, B. (2019) Citizenship Counternarratives: (Mock) Citizenship in a Women’s Prison. Journal of Education and Culture Studies, 3(4), 439-456. ( views: 56; Acceptance Rate 30%; Aronson 25% contribution)

Boveda, M. Reyes, G., & Aronson, B. (2019). Disciplined to Access the General Education Curriculum: Girls of Color, Dis/abilities, and Specialized Education Programming. Curriculum Inquiry, 49(4), 405-425. ( ResearchGate views: 43; Website views: 117; Impact Factor 0.981; H Index 32; SJR Quartile 2; Acceptance Rate 21-30%, Aronson contribution 25%- cited 1 time)

Boveda, M., & Aronson, B. (2019) The Privileging of the Special Education Professional Identity: Exploring Preservice Teachers of Color Understanding of Multiple, Intersecting Sociocultural Markers. Remedial and Special Education.

Radina, R., Aronson, B., Schwartz, T., Allbright-Willis, J., Norval. B., Ross, G., & Wallace
M. (2018). A Space for Us Too: Youth Participatory Action Research as a means for
liberation in School-Community-University Partnerships. School-University Partnerships, 11(4),122-129.

Reyes, G., Radina, R., & Aronson, B. (2018). Teaching Against the Grain as an Act of Love: Disrupting White Eurocentric Masculinist Frameworks Within Teacher Education. The Urban Review, 50(5), 818-835.

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Aronson, B. (2018). “That’s much easier said than done”: The Realities of Social Justice Pedagogy in Schools. Journal of Education and Culture Studies, 2(3), 126-153.

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*Awarded Top 20 Most Read AERA publication in 2016

Anderson, A., Aronson, B. Ellison, S., & Fairchild-Keyes, S. (2015) Pushing up against the limit-horizon of educational change: A critical discourse analysis of popular education reform texts. Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies, 12(3), 338-369.

Aronson, B. & Anderson, A. (2013). Critical teacher education and the politics of school reform. Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies, 11(3), 244-262.

Policy Briefs, Reports and Commentaries

Saultz, A., Murphy, K., Aronson, B. (2016). What can we learn from the Atlanta cheating scandal? Phi Delta Kappan, 97(6): 48-52. (Impact Factor: 0.17; H Index 47; Quartile 1 Acceptance Rate: 10%; Aronson contribution 30% - cited 6 times)

Aronson, B., & Boveda, M. (2016, August). The shooting of Charles Kinsey and the erasure of Arnaldo Rios Soto. DDEL VOICES, 6 (3), 8-9. (Aronson contribution 50%)

Chapters in Edited Volumes/Encyclopedia Entries

Johnson, A., Coomer, N., Aronson, B., & Reyes, G. (accepted proposal- anticipated 2021). Coalition with/in the Boundaries: A Radical Love Response to Neoliberal Debilitation in Special Education. In D. I. Hernández-Saca, H. Pearson, & C. Kramarczuk Voulgarides. (Eds.). Understanding the Boundaries between Disability Studies and Special Education through Consilience, Self-Study, and Radical Love. Lexington Books.

Willer, J. & Aronson, B. (accepted proposal- anticipated 2021). White Savior Industrial Complex. In S. Hunter & C. van der Westhuizen (Eds.). Routledge Handbook of Critical Whiteness Studies.

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Stohry, H., Tan, J. & Aronson, B. (forthcoming). The Enemy is White Supremacy: How South Korea and China Got Hooked. In Unhooking Whiteness: The Process. Hayes, C., Carter, I., & Elderson, K. (Eds.). Boston, MY: Sense Publishers.

Anderson, A. & Aronson, B. (2019). Teacher education, diversity, and the interest convergence Conundrum: How the demographic divide shapes teacher education. In T. Han & J. Laughter (Eds.). Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education: Coalitions for the Future. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

Aronson, B, Batchelor, K. E., Radina, R., Reyes, G., & Ross, G. (2018). Making the familiar strange: Crossing disciplinary borders to foster self-study and critical reflexivity within a social justice curriculum. In D. Garbett & A. Ovens (Eds.) Pushing Boundaries and Crossing Borders: Self-study as a Means for Researching Pedagogy (pp. 303-310). Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices.



EDL 318. Teacher Leadership and School Organization. (3)

This course is designed to challenge and shape students' conceptions of educational organizations and cultures; their professional development as teachers and/or educational staff members; as well as the acts of teaching, curriculum development, teaming and leadership. The course encourages the development of personal and professional theoretical frameworks and practical tools for enhancing awareness of and action in educational roles as decision-maker, curriculum-creator, inquirer, community member/builder, democratic citizen, team member, teacher and leader.

EDL 204. Sociocultural Studies in Education. (3) (MPF, MPT)

Introduction to the field of social foundation of education using humanities and cultural studies approaches to investigate education in a diverse and democratic nation. IIB, IC.

EDL 232. Introduction to Community-Based Leadership. (3) (MPF)

Introduction to Community-Based Leadership explores theories and practices of leadership in public institutions and communities. Students critically examine three concepts central to community-based leadership: public, leadership, and democracy. Using the scholarship of leadership studies and civic engagement, students explore what it means to work in public life and lead for the public good in local, national, and international contexts. Students accomplish these goals through readings, class discussions, analytical and reflective writing, and community-based learning experiences connecting theory with practice. The course will help students develop their own vision and plan for participating in community-based leadership as Miami students and as engaged citizens. IIC.

EDL 444/555 Social Justice Praxis

EDL 621. Foundations of Multi-Cultural Education. (3)

Using interdisciplinary approach, course investigates what multicultural education is and why and how it has become an integral part of public school education.

EDL 762. Culture and Leadership in Education. (3)

This core introductory doctoral seminar is designed to explore various social theories that consider the relationship between culture and educational leadership. The course will focus on a few theories that provide promise for new ways of constructing a theory of culture-based leadership.

EDL 783. Curriculum, Politics, and Policy. (3)

This course explores how curriculum is conceived in educational policy. Students engage in critical analysis of the politics and policies of formal and informal curriculum.


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