Faculty and Staff

Abes, Elisa | Associate Professor | Student Affairs in Higher Education

Arnett, Kari | Administrative Assistant

Aronson, Brittany | Associate Professor | Social Foundations of Education | Director of Graduate Studies

Bergerson, Amy | EDL Faculty 

Callier, Durell | Assistant Professor |Director of Undergraduate Studies | EDL Department Advisor

Cho, Katherine | Assistant Professor

Duarte, Bryan | Assistant Professor | Educational Leadership

Evans, Michael | Associate Professor | Family, School, Community

FernándezÉrica | Associate Professor | Educational Leadership

Knight Abowitz, Kathleen  | Professor | Educational Leadership

Lane, Jason | Dean and EDL Faculty

Malin, Joel | Associate Professor | Educational Leadership

Mecoli, Kathy  | Assistant Clinical Professor | School Leadership 

Moorhead, MollyAssistant Clinical Lecturer | School Leadership

Poetter, Thomas Chair | Professor | Curriculum Studies

Rosenberger, Kathleen | Administrative Assistant

Rousmaniere, Kate | Professor | Social Foundations of Education

Szlizewski, LucianAssistant Clinical Professor | Educational Leadership

Taliaferro Baszile, DeniseAssociate Dean for Student Services and Diversity | Professor

Weems, Lisa | Professor | Cultural Studies and Qualitative Research