Annie Schultz

Visiting Assistant Professor

McGuffey 304

Ph.D. - Cultural and Educational Policy Studies, Loyola University Chicago (2022)
M.A. - Humanities, University of Chicago
B.A. - English, Texas State University

Courses Taught:
EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies in Education


I explore socially and culturally informed theories of education in my teaching and scholarship. In my teaching, I strive to help students understand how complex social issues manifest in teaching and learning, with the goal of preparing culturally conscious educators who work in a variety of settings. My research interests span a variety of areas in philosophy of education, including the environmental humanities, ecological education, gender studies, aesthetics, and art education.


Recent and forthcoming

Schultz, A. (2023 in press) Nature in Frames: The Miseducation of the Idle Stare, Journal of Aesthetic Education, 57.

Schultz, A., (2022 in press) Beauty as Fairness Toward an Ecoaesthetic Education, Philosophy of Education, 78.

Schultz, A., (2021) Gender, Nonhuman Animals, and Education. Oxford Research Encyclopedia
Education. Oxford: Oxford University Press. doi:

Deane, S. & Schultz, A., (2021). Got Milk? From Growing Strong Bones to Nurturing Idealized
Subjectivities. Ethics and Education. DOI: 10.1080/17449642.2021.1896633.

Schultz, A., & Mullen, J., (2020). Education qua Ecognosis: Reading Thomas Hardy's Tess of
the d'Urbervilles for an Ecological Philosophy of Education. Philosophy of Education, 76, no. 1, 115-128.

Schultz, A. (2020) Sitting Still and Reading: Rethinking the Role of Literary Fiction in Civics Education. Educational Theory, 70, no. 2, 187-198. 

Schultz, A. (2019) No Place Like Home: The Gendered Consequences of Outrage on University Campuses. Philosophical Studies in Education, 50, 140-149.