Undergraduate Courses in Student Development, Career Exploration, and Student Life / Learning at the University

100 Career Development for College Students (2)

Small group interaction and use of tests and inventories to provide opportunities for self exploration and clarification of personal and career goals. Examination of occupational information and trends. Practical experience with resume development and employment interviewing.

110 The University and the Student (1)

Helps students understand how the university operates and how its resources can be used to develop their educational goals. Taught in residence halls in seminar style; designed to help develop personal relationships among students and instructor. For freshmen only. Credit/no-credit only.

301 Student Development in Residence Halls (1)

Practical study of theories and techniques used in creating and maintaining learning environments that foster student growth and development in college residence halls. Includes student development theories, community development techniques, personal and environmental assessment, and strategies for influencing group living and behavior. Prerequisite: current resident assistant or permission of instructor.

310 Career Counseling (2)

Practical study of career development and counseling; includes theories, techniques, and interventions. Use of career assessment inventories, computerized guidance programs, and written resources required. Consideration of student development theory leading to practice of basic counseling skills emphasized. Prerequisite: selected as career assistant in Student Counseling Service.