Financial Aid

TEAM Scholarship for Ohio educators

The TEAM Scholarship at Miami provides a 50 percent tuition and fee scholarships to professional educators for graduate course work.

EDL financial aid and scholarships

The Department has a number of Graduate Assistantships (GA) and Teaching Associateships (TA) available for graduate students in full-time residency in the Ph.D. programs in Educational Leadership. While most of these are reserved for doctoral students, a few are also open to master’s students in the Transformative Education M.Ed. program. (Students enrolled in the Student Affairs and Higher Education M.S. program should check with their program advisor for information about assistantships.) These assistantships are competitive in nature and awarded to those students who can best meet the requirements of the positions available.

The assistantship benefits include a stipend, tuition waiver for two regular semesters (fall and spring) plus the subsequent summer term, and the ability to be fully immersed in your program and the academic environment. Doctoral student stipends are approximately $15,300 annually; master’s stipends are around $11,815 annually.

  • Teaching Associateships (TA) provide full-time graduate students with a stipend for two semesters, plus remission of tuition for two semesters and the subsequent summer session. TAs perform duties (normally teaching or research assistance for a professor) equivalent to 20 hours per week, and typically carry between 9 and 12 credit hours of graduate courses simultaneously. TAs must be full-time students in their program, and cannot hold any other full-time employment.
  • Graduate Assistantships (GA) provide full-time graduate students with a stipend for two semesters, plus remission of tuition for two semesters and the subsequent summer session. GAs perform duties equivalent to 20 hours per week, and carry between 9 and 15 hours of graduate courses. GA duties may include administrative duties for programs or research duties for professors. GAs must be full-time students and cannot hold any other full-time employment.

Full-time Teaching Associateships and Graduate Assistantships

In all cases, Assistantships in EDL are decided upon in March-April of the previous year. The Department Chair will set a date each spring by which all full-time students will be solicited regarding their interests in assistantship for the upcoming academic year. Appointment to a GA/TA is competitive, and is determined by the Department Chair, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies and faculty. GA/TA appointments are not guaranteed every year, and students are reappointed each year based on: the evaluation of their work as a GA the previous year, Departmental needs, and the length of time that a student has held a GA/TA (typical appointment for doctoral students is 3 one-year terms.)

Please note: Assistantships are also available in other offices at the University. Assistantships are listed by program or office in which they are located. Check individual program websites for details.

In addition, the department has several scholarship opportunities. These include:

  • EDL Fellows Scholarships Thanks to the generosity of a number of EDL graduates and former faculty, the Department has a number of small support scholarships for graduate students. Contact the Chair for more information.
  • Principals’ Academy Scholarship is awarded to one or more part-time students enrolled in graduate programs in the Department of Educational Leadership. Recipients must demonstrate academic merit and the intent to pursue a career as an elementary school principal. Students complete an application for this award (average award is $1,000).
  • EDL Dissertation Scholarships are a service-free award that provides a stipend plus remission of tuition for two semesters and the subsequent summer session. Students must carry the maximum graduate load of 16 hours during their period of appointment. One dissertation scholarship a year is awarded to an EDL student who has completed the prerequisites for the dissertation. The application process occurs each spring. Ask your advisor for details.

Travel and research grants

Students can apply for small amounts of travel and professional development funding from the Department and the Graduate School.