Research Areas

EDL graduates

Critical Media Studies In Education

O’Hara, M. (2014). Foucault And Film: Critical Theories And Representations Of Mental Illness. Educational Leadership Ph.D. https://Etd.Ohiolink.Edu/Pg_10?0::No:10:P10_Etd_Subid:99714

Collier, Jr., B. W. (2004). I Am The Stone That The Builder Refused: Spirituality, The Boondocks And Not Being The Problem. Educational Leadership Ph.D. https://Etd.Ohiolink.Edu/Pg_10?0::No:10:P10_Etd_Subid:94928

Scalfaro, C. (2015). "Waiting for Superman": The Circuit of Cultural Production and Reception of Neoliberal Reform Discourse in Education. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Critical Youth Studies

Weems, L. (2009). M.I.A. in the global youthscape: Rethinking girls’ resistance and agency in postcolonial contexts. Journal of Girlhood Studies (2, 2, 55-75).

Callier, D.M. (2013). Tell it: A contemporary chorale for Black youth voices. In M. E. Weems (Ed.). Writings of healing and resistance: Empathy and the imagination intellect (pp. 101-115). New York: Peter Lang.

Callier, D.M. Living in C Minor: Reflections on the Melodies of Blackness, Queerness, and Masculinity. Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies

Curriculum studies and K-16 teaching practices

Sander, S.A. (2014). Exploring Preservice Science Teachers' Interpretations of Curricular Experiences While Learning to Teach in an Inquiry-Oriented Way: A Phenomenology. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Wilms, C. (2014). How Elementary School Teachers Teach Science: Using Nature of Science to Understand Elementary Teachers’ Science Identities and Teaching Practices - A Case Study. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Waldrop, K.L. (2015). Are We Really Doing This? Performativity, Pragmatism, and Experiential Learning in the Business Writing Classroom. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Grubb, S.J. (2016). Getting Better: Instructional Practices of Preschool Teachers that Support Academic Growth in Students. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

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Aronson, B., & Laughter, J. C. (in press). The theory and practice of culturally relevant education: A synthesis across content areas. Review of Educational Research.

Educational Activism & Community Engagement

Weeda, J. (2014). Cultivating the Fire With(In): Teacher's Resistance in an Age of Corporate Reform. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Radina, R. (2015). Critical Resistance as an Act of Love: Creating Space for Education as the Practice of Freedom Within Urban Teacher Preparation. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Didlick Davis, C. (2016). The LEGACY Project: A Case Study of Civic Capacity Building and Transformative Educational Leadership in a Community-based Academic Enrichment Program. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Webb, M.A. (2015). Resisting In The Midst Of Chaos: One Revolutionary Educator’s Currere Journey. Educational Leadership Ph.D. https://Etd.Ohiolink.Edu/Pg_10?0::No:10:P10_Etd_Subid:109461

Burnside Huffman, D.S. (2015). Support And Mistreatment By Public School Principals As Experienced By Teachers: A Statewide Survey. Educational Leadership Ph.D. https://Etd.Ohiolink.Edu/Pg_10?0::No:10:P10_Etd_Subid:103345

Bolyard, C.S. (2016). Stories Shared and Lessons Learned: Using Currere to Explore Veteran Elementary Teacher Narratives of Teaching in an Accountability Era. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

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Evans, M.P., Newman, A. & Winton, S. (2015). Not your mother's PTA: Organizational hybridity in education special interest groups. Educational Forum. (79, 263-279).

Gender equity in K-16 education

Gamm, R.D. (2014). The Persistence of Women in STEM: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Fish, L. A. (2015). “Doing Gifted,” “Doing Girl": What Ritual Performances in School Reveal About Identity Negotiation. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Taylor, C. (2015). Bros Like Me: Adherence to Male Role Norms in Fraternity Men. SAHE Ph.D.

International students in the U.S.; International & comparative education

Banda, E. (2014). Transformative Learning and Student Empowerment: Zimbabwean Graduate Students' Immersion into United States Higher Education. SAHE Ph.D.

Ngorosha, T. (2015). School Leaders Making Meaning Of Their Field-Based Development Experiences For Leadership Growth: A Phenomenological Study Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Muni-Wathu Gawanani, P. (2015). Experiences of Malawian Primary School Teachers with Professional Development Programs: A Phenomenological Study. Educational Leadership PH.D.

Leadership theory & practice in K-16 education

Rea, T. (2015). Females and the Superintendency: The Road to Success from Three "Long Timers". Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Cox, C. (2016). Understanding District Central Office Curriculum Administrators through Collaboration and Curriculum Leadership. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Hackmann, D. G., & Malin, J. R. (2016). If you build it, will they come? Educational leadership program coordinators’ perceptions of principal preparation redesign in Illinois. International Journal of Educational Reform 25 (4)

Malin, J. R., & Hackmann, D. G. (accepted). Enhancing students’ readiness for college and careers: A case study of distributed leadership practice in supporting a high school career academy model. Leadership and Policy in Schools.

Shaw, M. D. (2016). Navigating campus disasters from within the library: Lessons and implications from Gulf Coast institutions. In E. N. Decker, & J. Townes (Eds.), Disaster Management and Contingency Planning in Modern Libraries (pp. 340-365). [Book Series: Advances in Library and Information Science]. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

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Shaw, M. D. (2016). Pathways to institutional equilibrium after a campus disaster. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management.

LGBTQ equity in K-16 education

Denton, J. M. (2014). Living Beyond Identity: Gay College Men Living with HIV. SAHE Ph.D.

Pierce Garry, C. (2014). Selection or Censorship? School Librarians and LGBTQ Resources. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Nicolazzo, Z. (2015). "Just Go In Looking Good": The Resilience, Resistance, and Kinship-Building of Trans* College Students. SAHE Ph.D.

Abes, E. S. (2012). Constructivist and intersectional interpretations of a lesbian college student’s multiple social identities. Journal of Higher Education, 83(2), 186-216.

Policy Research in K-16 education

Saultz, A. (2015). Race to the top and the future of federal education policy. In Wayne. Hoy and Mike DiPaola (Eds.) Educational Administration: Theory, Research, and Practice 10th Edition. McGraw Hill.

Ethnicity, Race & Racism in K-16 education

Burton, S. (2014). Frequent Flyers: Profiled While Accumulating Disciplinary Miles-The Color and Voice of School Discipline. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Mann, D.L. (2016). Reaching Within: White Teachers Interrogating Whiteness Through Professional Learning Communities. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Saddler, C. (2016). People Who Care: Counter-Stories of Unitary Status in Rockford, Illinois. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Hill, D. C., Quaye, S. J., & Shaw, M. D. (Spring 2015). Black faculty stand up: The (risky, but necessary) fight for equity. The Femellectual, 23-28. Available from:

Pérez II, D. (2016). Over the ivy wall: Latino male achievers nurturing community cultural wealth at a highly selective, predominantly White institution. In V. B. Sáenz, L. Ponjuán, & J. L. Figueroa, (Eds.), Ensuring the success of Latino males in higher education: A national imperative (pp. 130-146). Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.

Pérez II, D. (revise & resubmit). In pursuit of success: Latino male college students exercising academic determination and community cultural wealth. Journal of College Student Development.

Special Education & Disability Studies in Education

Bryant, C.L. (2014). "What Do Parents' Narratives Reveal About Their Experience With Their Child's IEP?". Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Aronson, B., Murphy, K. M., Saultz, A. (2016). Under pressure in Atlanta: School accountability and special education practices during the cheating school. Teachers College Record.118, pp. 1-26.

Spirituality in Education/Educational Leadership

Woolway, D. (2014). Campus Perspectives on Race, Theme Parties, and Hate Incidents. SAHE Ph.D.

Robinson, V.O. (2014). A Critical Race Study of African American First-Generation Collegians' Pathway to Graduate Education. SAHE Ph.D.

Campbell, J.H. (2014). Djangos Chained: Understanding The Narratives Of African American Male Student Athletes Participating In Division I Basketball At Predominantly White Institutions. Educational Leadership Ph.D.

Student affairs practice & student success

Haverkos, P.J. (2015). A Case Study of a Pre-College Readiness Program. SAHE Ph.D.

Stoll Turton, E.B. (2015). First-generation college seniors navigating tension between home and school at a four-year, residential institution: A narrative study. SAHE Ph.D.