Margaret Bowman

Margaret BowmanVisiting Assistant Professor

McGuffey Hall

Ph.D., The Ohio State University
M.Ed., Tiffin University
B.S., Ashland University

Curriculum Vitae


Formerly a middle school mathematics and English language arts teacher, an academic designer for McGraw-Hill Education, the education advisor for a financial literacy gaming company, and a medical human factors research consultant.



Recent peer-reviewed publications

Bowman, M.A., Vongkulluksn, V.W., Jiang, Z., & Xie, K. (2022). Teachers’ exposure to professional development and the quality of their instructional technology use: The mediating role of teachers’ value and ability beliefs. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 54(2), 188-204,

Hawk, N.A., Bowman, M.A., & Xie, K. (2021). Theory-Based Intervention Framework to Improve Mathematics Teachers’ Motivation to Engage in Online Professional Development. In: Hollebrands K., Anderson R., Oliver K. (eds) Online Learning in Mathematics Education. Research in Mathematics Education. (pp. 207-225). Springer, Cham.

Hawk, N.A., Vongkulluksn, V.W., Xie, K., & Bowman, M.A. (2021). Cognitive tasks in the core content areas: Factors that influence students’ technology use in high-school classrooms. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 37(4), 1077-1090.

Manuscripts in review

Bowman, M.A., Hawk, N.A, Xie, K. (under review). The Motivational Features of Digital Math Curricula: A Framework for Supporting Pre-Service Teachers. In: Zimmerman, A. (Ed) Research, Practice, and Innovations in Teacher Education During a Virtual Age.

Bowman, M.A., Xie, K., Manouchehri, A., Kim, M. (under review). Examining the effects of digital mathematics curriculum on students’ performance: The mediating role of utility value and expectancies of success in mathematics. Journal of Mathematical Behavior.

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Research Interests

Digital curriculum
Teacher education
Teacher professional development
Teachers’ technology integration practices
Students’ motivation to learn
Instructional design