Amity Noltemeyer

Amity NoltemeyerProfessor & Associate Dean of the Graduate School

102 Roudebush Hall

Ph.D., Kent State University
Ed.S., Miami University
M.S., Miami University
B.S., Xavier University

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A Pivotal Time for School Psychologists - with Amity Noltemeyer

It’s a pretty pivotal time for school psychologists today. Especially as we continue to hear about the debates between parents and teachers and administrators and politicians, all about how to best ensure the safety and productivity of schools. Guns and violence, certainly, have been big topics in the news recently. But there are also many other more day-to-day concerns that students and schools must also manage.

So in this podcast episode, we talk about the critical role that school psychologists play. How they help schools address some of their more serious concerns, and even about some of the ways we can all help students live emotionally healthy and more productive lives.