Leah Wasburn-Moses

Leah Wasburn-MosesProfessor

McGuffey 200E

Ph.D., Michigan State University
M.S.Ed., Purdue university
B.A., Purdue University

Curriculum Vitae

Fostering Reading

A virtual tutoring project sponsored by Miami University and the M.I.A.M.I. Women Giving Circle. Fostering Reading takes future teachers and pairs them with foster youth for reading tutoring and mentoring.

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Campus Mentors Program

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How Mindfulness Technology May Change School Discipline

Many schools still rely on detentions, suspensions, and even expulsion to address student discipline. However, research shows that these traditional punishment-based approaches often create more problems than they solve.

So what if there was a better way?

On this episode, learn how mindfulness may offer a promising alternative to support positive student behavior, and how new technology is making mindfulness meditation easier than ever.


Inverting Tradition to Achieve Success: How Youth At Promise and Future Teachers Can Thrive Together

In a typical building, situated on the southeastern edge of Miami University, and near the local public high school, a remarkable and award-winning campus-community partnership is well underway. Here, Mr. Meade, a career-based intervention teacher, bounces between tables, answering questions and orchestrating the flow of tutors who work closely with the youths who need additional support.

Inverting Tradition to Achieve Success


Miami professor says fidget toys becoming more common in K-12 classrooms

Fidget toys, such as spinners and cubes, have become a common sight in classrooms this spring.

Leah Wasburn-Moses, a professor of educational psychology, recently bought one to show her students, who are future special education teachers.

Miami Professor says fidget toys becoming more common in K-12 classrooms