Vision and Values

The Educational Psychology Department is committed to preparing professionals who understand, contribute to, and integrate teaching and research; meet the highest professional expectations of their field; and are agents for progressive change in learning communities.

General goals:

  • Communicate the principles of psychology and their relationship to effective teaching and learning across the life span
  • Provide interdisciplinary professional preparation in teaching and related service professions
  • Offer opportunities for students to expand their understanding of human functioning and learning differences and enhance their skills in human relationships
  • Engage students in critical thinking and other elements of liberal education (Miami Plan)
  • Contribute to the professions and to school and community through relevant service, especially that which connects the university to field settings
  • Develop research interests and plans for advancing knowledge about educational processes and methods of resolving educational problems

Working principles – the department faculty will:

  • Demonstrate excellent teaching and effective student advising practices
  • Advance and enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the academic disciplines represented by its faculty
  • Continue the professional development of its individual members, especially related to technology-based instruction
  • Engage in quantitative and qualitative research-based opportunities, especially those that expand the knowledge base in the field