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EDT News

Why Teach?

Trey Clements“I’ve always wanted to lead, to make a difference, and to be a positive role model for those who may not have one. In the end, I want to leave this world knowing that I brightened someone else’s future. There’s no better way to do that than by being a teacher...”

Trey Clements ‘15

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What Our Students Say

Emily Pruckno

Emily Pruckno

Primary Education major

“Primary education allows me to work as both a student and a teacher. I love getting to be with other preservice teachers in my cohort and collaborating together. The field work I've done has made my experience because I enjoy the rich, hands-on learning you see with children from 3-9 years old.”

Gabby Trojanowski

Gabby Trojanowski

Integrated Mathematics Education major

“As someone who always enjoyed school and any opportunity to help my peers learn through tutoring and dance lessons, education had been on my mind as I approached college...

“My courses at Miami then confirmed my decision when I heard about all the research being done in education to improve the way teachers can serve students in mathematics. My eyes have been opened to different ways to teach math that I never was exposed to in my personal experience, such as reading and writing about mathematical ideas. Finding a field where I would continually learn was of the utmost importance to me, and choosing my AYA Mathematics Education degree secured a path where I knew I could do just that, even after I graduate in May.”

Tangelica Glover

Tangelica Glover

Foreign Language Education major

“By becoming a Spanish education major I found the path to what I consider to be the best of both worlds: world languages and teaching! I have always been enamored by foreign language and world cultures. After graduating high school, I knew that teaching Spanish was exactly what I wanted to do.

“I absolutely love and adore my major. Choosing to come to Miami to major in this was the best decision I could have ever made. This university has a phenomenal program for education that prepares and equips you to be ready for the day that you have a classroom of your own. I was able to study abroad for a semester in Valparaíso & Viña del Mar, Chile, which was an incredible experience that completely changed my life. I’m extremely enthusiastic about what I do here and passionate about my major.”

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith

Chemistry Education major

“I have always loved science and developed a passion for chemistry when I took my first chemistry class in high school. From that point on, I knew I wanted my future career to be in chemistry, but I wasn’t sure what that career would be...

“While I was still deciding what chemistry path I was going to take, I began working with Dr. Yezierski as an undergraduate researcher in chemistry education, and took two education classes; both decisions came to shape my future in unimaginable ways.

“Through working with amazing teachers and having incredible experiences at Miami University, I realized my major in chemistry education opened a door for me to inspire kids and show them the wonders, intricacies, and the beauty of the world around us. For me, science education isn’t about teaching facts: it’s about giving students the opportunity to rediscover and question the world around them, to gaze upon nature in ways they could have never imagined, and most importantly, to unlock the curiosity and wonder that drives everything from the inspiration of the greatest minds, to the mystified and awestruck children who want nothing more than to ask 'why.’

“In addition to my major, I also have a passion for rowing and have been a member of the Miami University Rowing Club since my sophomore year. Although the primary focus of the club is on rowing, they also develop successful student-athletes who give back to the university community through service and leadership.”

Kean Mack

Kean Mack

Primary Education major

“The reason I chose to major inPrimary education is because I enjoy working with young kids and showing them how to like learning. It is such a satisfactory feeling when working with kids who want to learn and enjoy trying new things…

“As a future teacher, I love being able to help them do so. At the same time, working with kids who may struggle in areas is rewarding too because you soon connect with them and can find things they enjoy which helps them learn.”

Carrie Valco

Carrie Valco

Integrated English and Language Arts Education major

“I chose to be an integrated English and language arts education major because not only do I love the English language, but I’m also determined to make a difference in the world…

“I think teaching is one of the most rewarding professions for so many reasons and my classes at Miami have taught me that I am in the right major. My professors have opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and have challenged me to look at ideas from different perspectives. But the best part about going into education is that I’ll never stop learning. My future students will teach me just as much as I teach them—which is for me—probably one of the most satisfying aspects of being a teacher.”

Anna Hartman

Anna Hartman

Middle Childhood Education major

“Hi! I am a senior middle childhood education major with concentrations in Language Arts and Science. I love the 4th-9th grade age grouping (they're so awkward, fun, impressionable, and really finding out who they are!).

“I'm excited that I've had great experience with each of these grades in my many field experiences through the middle childhood education cohort blocks. I have also experienced a variety of different types of schools in my field experiences -- alternative, technology-centered, rural, suburban, and urban schools. I have without a -doubt found that my heart is in these urban, inner-city schools! My sophomore year I joined a wonderful program at Miami called the Urban Cohort, and I have learned, and grown, and been completely and forever changed through my experiences in the Urban Cohort!”