Career Opportunities

group of students cooking
 Gretchen Matuszak interacting with students in her class
students doing work in a nutrition class
 students sitting in a nutrition class

Education and Wellness

  • Health Professional School and Culinary School
  • Write for State Board of Education, Dairy Council, Cooperative Extension
  • Worksite Wellness—Fitness and Other Health Promotion to Employees
  • Manage or Assist with Clinical Protocols, Interventions, or Clinical Trials

Media & Communications

  • Public Relations Firms
  • Radio, TV, Newspapers, and Magazines 
  • Write for the Local or National Media

Public Health Programs

  • Public Health Department Agencies
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Congregate Meals program

International Nutrition Programs

  • Peace Corps
  • CARE, Food for the Hungry, or World Relief
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
  • US AID 
  • Multi-national Corporation
  • Consulting and Research Collaboration

Food Service/Food Industry

  • Food such as Kellogg’s or Nestle
  • Information Technology 
  • Nutrition Companies 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Food Service Equipment 
  • Food Service Contract Management 
  • Food Service Vendors 
  • Medical Equipment 

Government and Public Policy

  • Government Agency
  • Supplement Labels
  • Regulatory
  • Lobbyist in Government