Banner Waitlisting and Registration Override Request (ROR) FAQ's

What is Banner Waitlisting? 

It is Miami’s feature that allows students to “get in line” for a seat in a class this is full.

What classes have Banner Waitlist available?

From the on-line course list look for “WL Cap” (usually 999) and WL Act (number of students on the waitlist).

How do I add myself to the waitlist for a course?

  1. Go to the “Registration/Change of Schedule” area of BannerWeb. Enter the CRN and choose “Submit Changes”.
  2. If the course is full and a waitlist is available, the “Status” column will display a “Closed - # Waitlisted” message.
  3. In the “Action” column, choose the “Waitlisted” option and then select “Submit Changes” button.
  4. The “Status” column will now display a “Waitlisted on” message that includes the date you were added to the waitlist.

How will I be notified if a seat becomes available?

You will receive an email from and the subject will be “Waitlist Notification for (CRN #)”

How do I register once I am notified?

  1. Go to the “Registration/Change of Schedule” area of BannerWeb.
  2. In the “Action” column, choose the “Web Registered” option and then select the “Submit Changes” button.

How long will I have to register once a seat becomes available?

24 hours. The notification email will include the time that your saved seat expires.

What if I don’t register within that 24 hour period?

The student next in line will be notified.

Can I put myself on multiple waitlists for different sections of the same course?

No, you may only add yourself to the waitlist for one section of a particular course.