Undergraduate Degree Offered

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Health (BS KNUH)

Kinesiology Course Requirements

Nutrition Course Requirements

Public Health Course Requirements

Nutrition Minor

NOTICE:  ALL courses taken for your KNH major or minor must be taken for a letter grade.  No credit/no credit.

You are encouraged to get the most out of your Miami education by successfully completing coursework and engaging in independent studies and internships. Working on research projects with a faculty mentor is a an extremely valuable experience that can benefit your career opportunities.

You may want to consider a 3-year pathway to graduation vs. a 4-year pathway. Graduating in three years may help you to: 1) get an early start on a Master’s Program, including Miami’s Combined Bachelors-Master’s program (BAMA); 2) get an early start working towards professional certifications (e.g. ACSM, clinical certifications, CSCS, CHES, NDTR; and 3) save money.

More information on Miami’s three-year pathways can be found at:  

3-year Pathway for KINESIOLOGY

3-year Pathways for NUTRITION, (Community)

3-year Pathways for NUTRITION, (Dietetics)

3-year Pathways for Public Health