Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Nutrition, & Health

  • Kinesiology: The Kinesiology major is designed to give breadth and depth of knowledge in the study of health, movement, and performance by applying the sciences of physiology, physics, anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, and neuroscience.
  • Nutrition: Students majoring in Nutrition study people’s nutritional needs and care.  All majors complete the Nutrition Foundation and choose their career path by selecting a concentration, Community Nutrition for the non-Registered Dietitian (RD) student or Dietetics Concentration for students planning on becoming an RD. Upon completion of the BS in KNH, Dietetics Concentration, students are eligible to sit for the Dietetic Technician Registration Examination and with successful completion, earn the credential NDTR.  To become an RD, Dietetic graduates must complete a clinical experience and pass a professional examination.
  • Public Health: The public health major focuses on health promotion and education prevention strategies and interventions across the lifespan by examining social and behavioral principles and practices of promoting health to address current and emerging public health issues.
  • Nutrition Minor:  The Nutrition Minor provides a basic understanding of nutrition and includes specialized courses in nutrition. It complements majors in health-related professional and pre-professional programs.
KNH major or minor courses must be taken for a letter grade.
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