Robin Vealey

Robin VealeyProfessor and Director of Graduate Studies

216 Laws Hall

Ph.D., University of Illinois
M.S., Indiana University
B.A., Marshall University

Curriculum Vitae


Scholarly Focus

A former collegiate basketball player and coach, Dr. Vealey has pursued the understanding and enhancement of the “achieving mentality in sport” in both athletes and coaches. She has developed lines of research in sport-confidence as well as competitive anxiety and burnout. She also has written extensively about mental skills training for personal development and performance enhancement in sport, as well as coaching effectiveness.


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Vealey, R. S. (2020). Coaching for the inner edge (2nd ed.). Fitness Information Technology.

Vealey, R. S., & Chase, M.A. (2016). Best practice for youth sport. Human Kinetics.

Research Articles

Vealey, R. S., Martin, E., Coppola, A., Ward, R. M., Chamberlin, J., & Block, C. (2020). The slippery slope: Can motivation and perfectionism lead to burnout in coaches? International Sport Coaching Journal, 7, 1-10.

Wright, E., Chase, M. A., Horn, T. S., & Vealey, R. S. (2019). United States parents’ perfectionism, parenting styles, and perceptions of specialization in youth sport. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 45,101571.

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Vealey, R. S., Galli, N., & Harmison, R. J. (2019). CMPC certification as a milestone, not a millstone: A Response to Scherzer and Reel. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 13 (3), 345-350.

Forlenza, S. T., Pierce, S., Vealey, R. S., & Mackersie, J. (2018). Coaching behaviors that enhance confidence in athletes and teams. International Sport Coaching Journal, 5, 205-212.

Vealey, R. S. (2018). A periodization approach to building confidence in athletes. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 9, 1-12.

Vealey, R. S. (2017). Conflict management and cultural reparation: Consulting “below zero” with a college basketball team. Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology. 1, 83-93.

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