Robert Weinberg

Robert WeinbergEmeriti Professor

M.S., M.A., UCLA
B.S., Brooklyn College

Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly Focus

My research focus is on mental skills and abilities and performance. The specific skills that I focus upon include goal setting, arousal regulation, imagery, confidence, and attentional focus. In the past several years I have been especially focused on mental toughness both in athletes and other performers (e,g, business, military). My aim is to try to help individuals develop their mental skills so that they can become more mentally tough and thus improve their performance. I have used both qualitative and quantitative modes of inquiry as well as interventions to help kern more about what is mental toughness and how can we help individuals build it.

Refereed Journal Articles/Publications

Brinkman, C,, Weinberg, R., & Ward, R. (2016). The Big Five personality model and self-determined motivation. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 47, 389-407.

Berger, B., Weinberg, R., & Eklund, R. (2015 ). Foundations of Exercise Psychology (3rd ed.) Morgantown, WV: Fitness Information Technologies. 

Crust, L., Swann, Allen-Collinson, Brecton, & Weinberg, (2014). A phenomenological exploration of exercise mental toughness: Perceptions of exercise leaders and regular exercises. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health /2159676X.2914.901986