Coaching Minor

The minor in coaching allows students to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to coach at the youth, interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional levels of sport.

The minor is open to all university students.

Course Requirements

Dance Minor

The Dance minor offers students the opportunity to pursue the specialized skills necessary for dance performance. Students will complete courses in dance technique, performance, dance history, and production/design and integrate learning through involvement with dance concerts and/or musical theatre productions.

This minor is an interdisciplinary offering between the Departments of Theatre (THE) and Sport Leadership and Management (SLAM) with course offerings from the two departments. Students interested in the dance minor should meet with Ashley Goos, director of the dance minor.

Course Requirements

Sport Management Minor

This minor focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for administrative or managerial positions in sport at various levels (from youth to elite sport) and in various context (from community recreational to professional sport).

The minor is open to all university students. Students may not major in Sport Leadership & Management, with a concentration in sport management, and minor in sport management.

Course Requirements

Sport Analytics Minor

The sport analytics minor provides students with an understanding of how sport organizations analyze, interpret, and communicate data efficiently and effectively in sport. Students will learn the analytical and technical skills needed for database programming, regression modeling, and data visualization as it applies to the economics, marketing, administration, communication, and performance of sport.

 Course Requirements


A minimum 2.0 GPA is required for all courses in the minor. Courses must be taken for a grade (not credit/no credit). Students planning to take this minor should consult with a faculty advisor in the Sport Leadership and Management program. THis minor is open to all university students except those enrolled in the Data Analytics Bachelor of Arts - Concentration in Sport Analytics. Students may not earn a Sport Analytics Minor and an undergraduate Certificate in Sport Analytics. 

  1. SLM 275 - Introduction to Sport Analytics (3)
  2. *SLM 314 - Sport Analytics I (3)
    or ISA 243 - Database and Programming for Analytics. (3)
  3. *SLM 315 - Sport Analytics II (3)
    or ISA 291 - Applied Regression Analysis in Business. (3)
  4. *SLM 317 - Sport Analytics III (3)
    or ENG/STA 285 - Professional Communication for Data Analytics (3)
  5. SLM 413 - Sport Economics (3)
    or SLM 416 - Sport Marketing (3)
    or SLM 273 - Sport Communication & Media (3)
  6. SLM 418 - Applied Sport Analytics (3)

*SLM 314, 315, 317 taught in Sport Analytics Summer Academy only.

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