Accreditation provides added assurance to students and prospective employers that our degree programs meet the highest professional standards.

All licensure programs offered by the Department of Teaching, Curriculum, and Educational Inquiry (formerly Teacher Education) are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Such accreditation demonstrates that teacher candidates have been thoroughly assessed before they are recommended for licensure.

TCE (formerly EDT) programs accredited by CAEP through a review by their professional organizations include:

Primary Education, National Association for the Education of Young Children

Integrated English Language Arts Education, National Council of Teachers of English

Integrated Science Education, National Science Teachers Association

Integrated Social Studies Education, National Council for the Social Studies

Integrated Mathematics Education, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Middle Childhood Education, Association for Middle-Level Education

Foreign Language Education, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

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Other accredited or certified programs within the College of Education, Health, and Society.