Nathaniel Bryan

Nathaniel BryanAssistant Professor

Ph.D. - Early Childhood Education, University of South Carolina
Ed.D. - Educational Leadership, South Carolina State University
M.Ed. - Divergent Learning/Gifted Education, Columbia College
B.A. - French, University of South Carolina

Curriculum Vitae


Nathaniel Bryan, Ed.D., Ph.D. is an assistant professor of early childhood education at the Miami University. His teaching and scholarship explores issues of equity and diversity, critical race theory, culturally relevant teaching, urban education, and Black education. Though he studies broadly these frameworks, he is particularly interested in the constructed identities and pedagogical styles of Black male teachers and the schooling and childhood play experiences of Black boys in early childhood classrooms through a critical lens. In his spare time, Dr. Bryan enjoys reading novels, traveling abroad, and spending time with family.

Selected Publications/Presentations

Bryan, N., Davis, D., McMillian, Jackson, J., & Cooper, R. (accepted). Toward a Black PlayCrit in Educational Leadership: What school leaders need to know about Black boyhood play. Journal of School Leadership.

Pinckney, H., Bryan, N., & Outley, C. (2021). Black PlayCrit: Examining the disruption of play for Black male youth. American Journal of Play, 13(3), 210-226.

Bryan, N. (2020). “To me he teaches the way the child learns”: Black mothers on the pedagogies and schooling practices of a Black male kindergarten teacher.” Urban Review, 53(1), 491-515.

Bryan, N. (2020). Remembering Tamir Rice and other Black boy victims: Imagining Black PlayCrit Literacies inside and outside urban literacy education. Urban Education, 56(5), 744-771.

Bryan, N. (2020). Shaking ‘the bad boys’: Troubling the criminalization of Black boys’ childhood play, hegemonic White masculinity and femininity, and ‘the school playground-to-prison pipeline. Race, Ethnicity, and Education, 23(5), 673-692.

Wynter-Hoyte, K., Bryan, N., Singleton, K.*, Grant, T.*, Goff, Green, D.*, & Michael, I.* (2020). A Seat at the kitchen table: Investigating the lived experiences of Black female preservice teachers in an urban education cohort initiative. Equity and Excellence in Education, 53(3), 342-364.

Whatley, R.*, Banda, R. M, & Bryan, N. (2020). Challenging traditional conceptions of English curricula & pedagogy: A review of literature on teaching critical literacy through political music. Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education, 27(4), 431-445.

Miller, N.J., & Bryan, N. (2020). This is how we do it: Toward the notion of otherbrothering in the research on Black male collegians and Black Male Greek Lettered Organization. Journal of Negro Education, 89(3), 203-214.

Boutte, G., & Bryan, N. (2019). When will Black children be well? Interrupting anti-Black violence in early childhood education and schools. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education, 22(3), 232-243.

Johnson, L., Bryan, N., & Boutte, G. (2019). Show us the love: Revolutionary teaching in (un)critical times. Urban Review, 51(1), 46-64.

Research Interests

Dr. Bryan's teaching and scholarship explores issues of equity and diversity, critical race theory, culturally relevant teaching, urban education, and Black education.

Teaching Responsibilities

EDT 346

CHDLT Associate 

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