Graduate Assistantship Information

The Department of Teaching, Curriculum, and Educational Inquiry has been authorized to nominate a limited number of persons for graduate assistantships, subject to the approval of the Graduate School.  These assistantships are awarded to students by the Graduate School upon the nomination of the Department.  The Department bases its nominations upon factors such as:  regular admission status with the Graduate School, relevance of the undergraduate degree to the assistantship, teaching experience (if applicable), recommendations, personal interviews, cumulative grade point average (at least 3.0/4.0 preferred), and special skills and interests.  Miami University is an equal opportunity employer.

Graduate Assistantships

The responsibilities of a graduate assistant include:

  • Assisting one or more faculty members with instruction, research, or special projects for 18-20 clock-hours per week during the academic year
  • Carrying at least 9 graduate credit-hours each term during the academic year and a maximum of 15 hrs.  (If taking more than 15 must petition BEFORE semester begins)
  • Maintaining a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in graduate course work
  • Making satisfactory progress toward fulfillment of the degree requirements for the chosen program
As a graduate award holder you will have the following benefits: 
  • In addition to a stipend for the fall and spring semesters of the academic year, graduate assistants receive a remission of 100% of tuition, out of state surcharge, if applicable, and 50% of the general fee for the period of appointment, winter term excluded.
  • Opportunity to work closely with departmental faculty members in a professional position related to the student's area of study
  • Eligibility for a graduate summer scholarship for the summer following successful fulfillment of academic year responsibilities provided the student is appropriately registered full time. You are expected to be enrolled in graduate courses that are listed on your plan of study.

Application Procedure for Assistantship

Although applications are welcome at any time of year, the deadline for first selection is February 1st.  Assistantships are not available for the summer terms.  You will note that you must apply and be accepted on Regular Standing into the Graduate School of Miami University before you are eligible for departmental nomination.  We are continually seeking high quality graduate assistants.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Apply Now

Please contact the Department of Teaching, Curriculum, and Educational Inquiry at for further information.