Dietetic Internship Program Costs and Expenses

Please refer to the current online Miami University Catalog under the section of Student Fees for current university costs and expenses.

Estimated Dietetic Internship Program Expenses*

  • Total of 30 credits – please refer to the University website for current tuition rates
  • Student Registration fee: $24.08
  • Graduate Application fee: $50.00
  • Books: estimated at $500.00 per semester#
  • Lab coat: estimated at $50.00
  • Transportation: Mileage estimated at $0.55/mile
  • Medical examination and immunizations: cost varies++
  • Background check: estimated at $50.00++
  • Medical Insurance: varies++
  • Liability Insurance: provided by Miami University##
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: $50.00
  • Conference fees: $35.00 - $70.00**
  • Other possible expenses – printing of professional poster for poster session presentations: $75.00

*Fees are subject to change.

#Dietetic students should plan to purchase a variety of text and reference books

Guide for International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology (IDNT) Reference Manual. Standardized Language for the Nutrition Care Process.
Food Medication Interaction Handbook
Medical Nutrition Textbook, Krause, Food and Nutrition Therapy
Food Service Management Textbook, Spears, Food Service Organizations, a Managerial and Organizational Approach
Community Nutrition Textbook
Medical Terminology Handbook
Professional “pocket guides” offered through the Academy
Research Outcome Study textbook
Escott-Stump, Nutrition and Diagnosis Related Care

++ Medical Insurance, Medical Exam, Immunizations, Background checks

All Miami University students are required to have medical insurance and will be charged for health insurance unless a waiver providing evidence of another carrier is provided. Please refer to the Miami University website for details on medical insurance Students completing educational experiences off campus for supervised practice as part of the Dietetic Internship and experience a medical emergency may seek medical assistance at an affiliate’s site but may be charged for service. The Miami University Student Health Center also provides medical assistance but may need to refer a student to another medical facility for specialized medical attention.

All students are required to have a complete medical examination within three months before the start of the internship at their own expense, and present a letter to the Dietetic Internship Director from the MD or DO certifying that the student is medically fit to take part in the program.

Dietetic interns are required to complete a fingerprinted background check at your own expense. Dietetic students are required to comply with facility specific requirements such as flu vaccination, drug screening or other background check verifications.

In addition, students must present proof of the following immunizations:
Monteux test (or whatever is currently being used by the health department to test for TB)
A tetanus inoculation
Hepatitis B series
Annual influenza vaccination (required by some sites)
Vaccination or signed waiver for meningitis

## Liability Insurance
Currently, Miami University provides liability insurance for students enrolled in educational experiences at approved affiliate sites for supervised practice. Coverage includes total limits of $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate coverage per year. A copy of the Professional Liability Insurance certificate is kept in the office of the Dietetic Internship Director and may be requested.

** Transportation and Travel  
Dietetic interns will be required to travel to and from assigned supervised practice sites and conferences. Fees and travel are at the intern’s expense and liability.