Disciplinary and Termination Procedures


Interns who are consistently underperforming and not progressing through the internship experiences due to underperformance in class, program standards or objectives, may be subject to termination from the Dietetic Internship program. Another parameter for program termination is violation of the Miami University Student Code of Conduct.

The Dietetic Internship Director will discuss with the situation with the student and if remediation to acceptable standards cannot be achieved, will proceed to termination. The student may meet with the KNH Graduate committee to provide additional information. After consideration, the committee will make recommendation to the KNH Department Chair. The Department Chair in conjunction with the Committee will notify the student of the final decision within 5 business days of the chairperson’s receipt of the committee’s recommendation.

The student may appeal to the Dean of the Graduate School. In order for an appeal to be considered, however, the student must submit a written notice for an appeal to the department chairperson within 5 working days of receiving the chairperson’s decision. The graduate dean will consider the matter based on results compiled by the department chairperson and notify the student of his or her decision within 10 working days of his or her receipt of the appeal.