Intern Performance Monitoring

The DI program provides for the monitoring of student performance and early detection of academic difficulty. Students’ grades are housed on the Canvas learning management system for each course in the curriculum and a grade in progress is always available to the student and program faculty. Students are also assessed at midterm and midterm grades are submitted so students are informed of their current progress. Faculty generally reach out to students who are having difficulty in any graduate course to assist with remediation and/or learning resources. Graduate students are expected to achieve grades of “B” or better in all coursework. Grading policies for graduate students are located at The DI Director would consult with any student who was not performing at this level to provide assistance and necessary resources. Graduate students not performing at the expected level would be formally advised and provided a remediation plan with follow-up meetings for monitoring progress.

Students in supervised practice are assessed at midterm and at the end of each of the three semesters for supervised practice for achievement of learning outcomes by the preceptor for that rotation. Students not achieving at the expected level at midterm or sooner meet with the program director and preceptor and a remediation plan is developed with follow up monitoring and evaluation. Students who are still not able to meet learning outcomes by the end of a supervised practice term are evaluated for deficiencies and required to repeat experiences until proficiency is achieved.