M.S. Curriculum

Interns will be enrolled in the Master of Science in Kinesiology and Health, specifically in the Exercise and Health Science concentration and will need to meet all the graduation requirements listed in the Miami Bulletin. The Exercise and Health Science area of study is designed to provide breadth and depth of knowledge in the physiological and psychological functioning of human beings under a variety of environmental, nutritional, and activity conditions. Coursework within the concentration meet the competencies required for dietetic interns. Below is a list of coursework that students will be enrolled in over the course of the program.

Sample Plan of Study*

EHS 667 Behavioral Statistics

KNH 668 Advanced Physiology and Biophysics of Human Activity

KNH 621 Research Foundations in Kinesiology and Health

KNH 553 KNH Seminar (Nutrition Assessment and Counseling)

KNH 640 Internship

KNH 683 Design and Evaluation of Individualized Fitness Programs

KNH 684 Exercise Science Seminar (Funding for nutrition and health programs)

KNH 620 Research Experience

KNH 685 Exercise, Aging and Health Promotion

*Students must satisfy the requirements outlined under the Exercise and Health Science concentration. The table above simply shows one possible roadmap.