students at Peaslee

Fully Online M.Ed. program

Centering social justice across four anchoring pillars: inquiry, anti-racism, community, agency.

Curriculum and Instruction is an M.Ed. program offered jointly by the Department of Teaching, Curriculum, and Educational Inquiry and the Department of Educational Leadership. This online program was built to accommodate the needs of working professionals.

The program provides students with an in-depth understanding of research on issues related to student development, curriculum development, learning theories, justice, and culturally responsive pedagogy. Students learn to design, implement, and evaluate curriculum and learning opportunities as well as evaluate new pedagogies and learning methodologies. The new program prepares students to create inclusive educational environments in diverse settings, reflective of the changing demographics in Ohio and across the nation.

Anti-racism, community, inquiry, and agency are essential anchors for the new program. Throughout these anchors justice is centered and conversations are rooted in a commitment to engage in intellectualism toward action. This is done through the development of critical consciousness, centering knowledge of communities and grassroots organizing, and engagement with socially and contextually relevant teaching/learning.

Admitted students are not required to have an educational or teacher's license.

This masters program may be of special interest to:

  1. Licensed early career educators looking to develop their skills and knowledge about educational design and delivery and to construct equitable and just learning environments that support learners from all backgrounds to excel academically.
  2. Community-oriented educators interested in working in educational spaces outside of classrooms, such as in community-based organizations, non-profits, and others.
  3. Teachers who want to study on a part-time basis (1 or 2 courses per semester, and during the summer) and who seek the theoretical and practical foundations for a robust, dynamic pedagogy in classrooms.
  4. Citizen-scholars interested in continuing in a doctoral program such as the Department of Educational Leadership’s program in Leadership, Culture & Curriculum.