Faculty Research

William Boone

Professor of Educational Psychology

William BooneDr. Boone’s research concerns the application of Rasch measurement techniques in the fields of Education, Medicine, and Market Research. In particular, how to use Rasch measurement to develop robust tests and surveys. Dr. Boone is frequently asked to work with colleagues worldwide with regard to Rasch Measurement. In 2015, Dr. Boone received the Distinguished Scholar Award for sustained excellence in research.

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Darrel R. Davis

Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, joint appointment with Instructional Design & Technology

Darrel R. DavisDr. Davis has taught numerous online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, and continues to explore strategies to optimize teaching and learning within each of these settings. His current research interests include teaching and learning in the online environment and the use of technology in diverse and developing settings. He has published work on the role of play and technology on human development.

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Aimin Wang

Professor of Educational Psychology

Aimin WangDr. Aimin Wang teaches a variety of courses in Educational Psychology including research methodology, statistics, and measurement and evaluation. His research interests are on program evaluation, children's socialization, and cross-cultural. His publications cover inter-cultural human development as well as cognition and learning among children and adolescents.

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