Fall Registration Override Request (ROR) Pilot

The Registration Override Request (ROR) application is Miami's campus-wide force/add process. Students will access ROR right from the Course List to request entry into courses that they are otherwise unable to add in BannerWeb. ROR turns on when student time tickets are open. Fall 2021 registration opens on April 7.

Submitting ROR requests

  1. Log in to the Course List to search for courses.
  2. To request a force add for EDP, click Submit Registration Override Request.
    • Rank in order of preference the sections you are willing to accept.
    • Provide a reason for the request. Be concise but include details, such as candidate for graduation, pre-req errors or major/minor/thematic errors.
  3. Submit your request. You will receive an email confirmation that your request has been received.

Deadlines to submit ROR requests for fall 2021

  • ROR requests are due at 5PM, April 30. Any request submitted after this day may not be considered.

  • Until your request is reviewed and acted upon, it will remain in a pending status. You may edit or delete pending requests until the request submission deadline.

Timeline for review and action on ROR requests

  • EDP will make decisions no later than 5PM, May 4.

  • You will receive an email notification whenever actions are taken on your request (submission, editing, deletion, approval, or denial.)

  • If there are conflicts (e.g. time conflicts, excess hours, etc.,) students must resolve them by 5PM, May 5 to be added to the course.

To check the status of your request at any time, log in to the Course List and click Requests. Please be patient, do not call or email the department.