Immersion Activities

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The MU-Noyce program builds upon the Miami University’s Urban Cohort Program and benefits from its existing partnerships. Resulting from years of relationship-building in Over-The-Rhine (OTR), the Urban Cohort's community-based and culturally responsive approach to teacher education expands traditional education in that teacher candidates are incrementally and intentionally immersed in community and school-based experiences in their degree programs. The Urban Cohort prepares critically-minded teachers who are aware of student assets already embedded in urban communities and are able to utilize this knowledge to build culturally responsive teaching and learning in schools that open space for youth to empower themselves.

As part of the Urban Cohort program requirements, MU-Noyce scholars will engage in several immersion activities:

Weekend Urban Immersion

3-day overnight retreat at OTR, co-planned by Miami faculty, Rothenberg Preparatory Academy teachers, and Peaslee Neighborhood Center Community Educators. Candidates are introduced to the community through grassroots community organizers and residents, some of whom are parents of children at our partner school through a community journey, activities designed to introduce students to the larger political, social and economic forces impacting the neighborhood, and reflective activities aimed at initiating dialogues about privilege, social justice and education.

Cincinnati Summer Immersion

A three-week residential experience during which students live in the community, intern in community-based agencies, engage in seminar-style discussions and guided reflections led by long-time community residents and participate in two seminars: “The American City Since the 1940s” and a seminar on current issues led by Miami Urban Cohort faculty.

Residential Student Teaching

MU-Noyce scholars will live, student teach, and take a class as part of the Over-the-Rhine Residency Program. For 15 weeks, students from multiple majors collaborate with leaders and organizations at service learning sites and on community-based campaigns while completing their student teaching semester (15 credit hours) with a full-time living experience in the “school of social life.” Teacher candidates stay at furnished apartments rented by the Urban Cohort program. This semester provides the space, and the challenge, for Urban Cohort students to build a curriculum based on what they have learned from and with the community.

For more information, visit the Urban Cohort Program