Combined Program: BSW & Master's of Social Work

Advantages of the Combined Program

  • Early admission to graduate school.
  • Graduate with a Master’s of Social Work (MSW) degree at Miami with one additional year of study (3 semesters: Summer, Fall, and Spring) after graduating with B.S. in Social Work (BSW).
  • Students can “double count” up to 9 credit hours of graduate level courses toward the 124 credits required for undergraduate degrees; note: these would count as elective credits.
  • Save approximately $4,200 in tuition costs.
  • No in-state vs. out-of-state tuition differences for graduate students.
  • Graduates are eligible for social work licensure.
  • Great job outlook: the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be 12% growth of jobs in social work (faster than the average for all occupations!) between 2020 and 2030, with even higher growth in certain social work sectors (e.g., 15% for mental health and substance abuse; 13% for healthcare; 13% for child, family, and school social workers).
Bachelor of Science in Social Work Requirements
Class Number Course Name Credit Hours
FSW 201 Introduction to Social Work and Family Life Education 3
FSW 206 Social Welfare Policies & Programs 4
FSW 261 Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle 3
FSW 295 Research and Evaluation Methods 3
FSW 304 Professionalism & Ethics in Practice 3
FSW 312 Human Behavior in the Social Environment 3
FSW 306 Trauma Responsive Assessment and Intervention 3
FSW 406 Group Theory and Practice 3
FSW 411 Senior Field Experience I 4
FSW 412 Senior Seminar in Social Work I 2
FSW 413 Senior Seminar in Social Work II 2
FSW 414 Senior Field Experience II 4
FSW 442 Family Resource Management: Education and Advocacy 3
PSY 242 Abnormal Psychology 3
FSW 245 Children and Families: Ages 0-12 3
FSW 481 Adolescent Development in Diverse Families: Ages 13-25 3
FSW 466 Interpersonal Perspectives on Adulthood and Aging 3
FSW 451 Interpersonal Violence 3
FSW 418 Program Development & Evaluation 3
FSW 365 Family Life Sexuality Education Across Cultures 3
FSW 415 Culturally-Informed Practice 3
FSW 475 Family Theories 3
statistics STA 261 or CSE 243 3-4
TOTAL 70-71*
* Plus Miami Plan requirements for graduation


Master’s of Social Work requirements
Class Number Course Name Credit Hours Semester
FSW 602 Diverse Families in Context 3 Senior Fall
FSW 642 Policy Analysis 3 Senior Spring
FSW 619 Evaluating Clients & Programs 4 Grad Summer
FSW 641 Advanced Social Work Practice 3 Grad Summer
FSW 723 Assessment and the DSM 3 Grad Summer
FSW 688 Clinical Interventions in Social Work 3 Grad Fall
FSW 668 Practice with Substance Use Disorders 3 Grad Fall
FSW 765 Field Education 2 3 Grad Fall
FSW 724 Agency Administration 3 Grad Spring
FSW 717 Social Work Capstone 3 Grad Spring
FSW 766 Field Education 3 3 Grad Spring
   TOTAL 34*  
*Note: federal guidelines consider 9 credits "full-time" for graduate school

Application Process & Eligibility

  • Miami students can declare their interest in the Combined Program anytime during their academic career.
  • Upon earning a minimum of 64 credit hours and a 3.00 cumulative GPA, students may apply to a Combined Program by completing the Graduate School application and submitting required materials. 
  • Standard Miami University Graduate School application and admission procedures apply.
  • Students remain classified as undergraduates for their Senior year of the BSW program (e.g., 12+ credits = full time for student loans and scholarships; undergraduate tuition), and then are classified as graduate students for the remaining three semesters (Grad summer, Grad fall, Grad spring) of the Combined Program.
  • Students can apply to have graduate student status (e.g., 9+ credits = full time for student loans; graduate tuition) any time after being admitted to the Combined Program, if desired.
  • Graduate tuition (which includes fees) is based on the number of credits taken per semester (not a flat rate for full-time students), and there is no difference in tuition rates for in-state vs. out-of-state/international students.
  • Students have a maximum of 5 calendar years to complete their master’s degree from the time they are admitted to the Combined Program.
  • Social Work graduate classes are typically offered in a hybrid format, generally meeting face-to-face once every two weeks. Classes are scheduled from 4-6:40PM and from 7-9:40PM Monday to Thursdays.
  • This is an Oxford program, and we are working toward offering all of our Master’s classes in Oxford, but some classes may be held on the Middletown campus. Select classes are offered 100% online.
  • All students in the Combined BSW+MSW Program complete a total of 450 field practicum hours in the Senior Year of the BSW program, plus 500 field practicum hours in the MSW Program (Grad Fall and Grad Spring semesters).
  • During field practicums students develop knowledge and skills in local agencies. We have partnerships with over 100 non-profit agencies, mental health centers, substance use treatment facilities, schools, hospice, and hospitals. Internship settings are located throughout southwest Ohio.

More information about the MSW Program

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