Part Time M.S. Students

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Sample Pathway for a Part-Time Student

We welcome part-time students in the SAHE program and recognize that class planning often varies for each part-time student. This pathway represents only one possibility for degree completion for a part-time student. Some students choose to take fewer credit hours certain semesters, and some might take a semester off from coursework, which will then change their pathway. We provide individualized advising to help part-time students plan their curriculum. 

Year 1 - Fall 
5 Credits

Year 1 - Spring
6 Credits

Year 1 - Summer
1 - 6 credits

EDL 676 - Foundations of Student Affairs in Higher Education (3)

EDL 660 - Racialized Realities (2 - counts as Elective credit) 

EDL 667 - Diversity, Equity, & Dialogue in Student Affairs (3)

EDL 706 - Educational Leadership & Organizational Development (3) 

Elective (3) and/or

Internship (1-6) and/or 

Independent Study (1-3)

Year 2 - Fall
6 Credits

Year 2 - Spring
7 Credits

Year 2 - Summer
1 - 6 credits

EDL 675 - Student Development Theory I (3) 

EDL 654 - Foundations of Research (3) 

EDL 656 - Practicum (4) 

Elective or Advanced 
Research Course (3) 

Elective (3) and/or

Internship (1-6) and/or 

Independent Study (1-3)

Year 3 - Fall
7 Credits

Year 3 - Spring
6 Credits

Elective or Advanced Research Course (3) 

EDL 656G - Practicum (4) 

Elective (3) 

EDL 656I - Capstone (3) 

Practicums and Internships

Practicums provide students the opportunity to get additional practical work experience, and there is a required Fall/Spring course attached to the practicum work (EDL 656) to make connections between theory and practice. We recognize the difficulty of doing a practicum while also working full-time. We will work with you to find a flexible way to do a practicum that works with your schedule. For instance, you might use aspects of your full-time job; or add a new task to your current work; or work hours in a different office during a slower time of your year. Some part-time students find Summer a good time to do practicum hours and then use those hours when enrolled in the Fall/Spring practicum course. We are committed to partnering with you to develop practica that fit your schedule and are meaningful. 

Summer Internship is an asynchronous elective on-line course where students also get additional practical work experience. The primary focus of this course is your work experience with opportunities for reflection on your professional development and theory-to-practice connections. Again, if you choose to do an internship, we will work with you on flexible options. 

Course Timing

Our courses are offered during three different time blocks during the day: 10:05-12:45; 1:15-3:55; and 4:25-7:05.  We try to arrange the schedule so that you would have at least one 4:25-7:05 course most semesters to make it easier to attend courses with a full-time job.  Some electives outside of SAHE might also be offered 7:15-9:55, which some part-time students prefer.