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The School Leadership Program (SLP) leads to an M.Ed. degree and is designed for educators with a minimum of three years of K-12 teaching experience who wish to become school principals or administrators. The 33- hour program structure allows teachers to complete their masters and licensure requirements in two years of part-time enrollment while working full time. Most SLP courses are taught by full-time Miami faculty; some are taught by current school leaders, and some courses are offered in a hybrid format—a blend of traditional class sessions and online components.

A distinctive feature of the School Leadership program is the cohort system. Students are accepted in cohorts, reflecting the department’s vision of educational leadership as a collaborative process. Under the cohort system, a selected group of individuals who aspire to build leadership roles progress together through a designed program, creating networks and mutually supportive practices as they advance through their coursework.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Kathy Mecoli at mecolik@MiamiOH.edu or Program Coordinator, Dr. Molly Moorhead at moorhemh@MiamiOH.edu.