Academic Advisors

Each student will be assigned an academic advisor in the School Psychology Program. The advisor's responsibilities include (a) assisting with planning a program of study to fit student needs and satisfy departmental/Graduate School requirements and (b) providing ongoing feedback on academic and professional performance. The advisor will also assist in determining if courses taken in other study programs can apply to the program, provide guidance regarding course substitutions, and answer other questions related to the school psychology program. Each advisee is encouraged to meet with their advisor to seek counsel and feedback regarding school issues during their program of study. In addition, the advisor will provide feedback to all advisees on their performance and student fitness at the end of the first year following comprehensive exams. Advisees will also have the opportunity to evaluate their academic advisor at the end of each semester via the divisional advising evaluation form.


1st Year Academic Advisor: Dr. Kristy Brann

  • Orientation to the program
  • Spring course registration and developing a plan of study


2nd Year Academic Advisor: Dr. Sujay Sabnis

  • Practicum advising
  • Small group research project advising


3rd Year Academic Advisor: Dr. Katy Mezher

  • Internship advising
  • Job searching and interviewing