Master's of Science Requirements

After completion of the first full academic year of study (34 credit hours, which includes summer coursework required after the first two semesters of study), students are eligible to receive the Master’s of Science degree that is awarded in August. Because there is no August commencement ceremony, students may apply to "walk" at commencement in either May or December, although their degree will be awarded in August. A Master’s Comprehensive Examination for the M.S. degree is required in addition to the 34 credit hours of coursework, and is scheduled immediately following the first Spring semester. Application for receiving the M.S. degree needs to be completed in two places: students must register with the Commencement Office by the end of the Spring Semester and application for the award must be filed by the student in cooperation with their advisor at least 15 days prior to graduation. These two procedures must be followed.

The Master’s Comprehensive Examination is usually given during the first or second week following Spring term final examinations. The exam covers each of the foundational areas in the school psychology program, and is designed to allow students to integrate and apply knowledge from classes and field experiences. The faculty members who write the questions generally give guides prior to the exam date. Individual professors and/or the program director will provide more information to students about test preparation, sample test questions, and/or their grading system as the date for the comprehensive exams nears.