Selecting a Research Chair and Committee

Research Mentor/Chair: The Small Group Research Project faculty mentors are selected by program faculty. Specifically, students are introduced to approximately 3 faculty mentors who will mentor groups of 3-5 students through the research project process. Faculty mentors vary each year, as will the topics (e.g., mental health, PBIS, program evaluation, academic interventions). Individually, students complete a survey about their research interests and rank which group/faculty mentor they would like to work with. Faculty will create groups based on this feedback. Students will meet with their mentor/chair as early as January of the first year. This mentor/committee chair has the primary responsibility for coordinating and monitoring student research progress, from initial planning through to the completion of the final oral defense.

2nd Committee Member: Student research groups will work with their paired faculty research mentor (chair) to identify the second committee member. That second committee member will participate in review of the final project and the formal defense meeting, after which time the committee fills out a single rubric rating for each student. The 2-person committee must include at least one faculty member with Level A status, and a second faculty member with Level A or B status.