Student Associates of School Psychology (SASP)

SASP is Miami's Student Associates of School Psychology organization. As a School Psychology graduate student, you are eligible to be a member. SASP meets throughout the semester (typically monthly). SASP offers multiple leadership roles for second-year students; first-year students will be placed on a committee after the first meeting.

Executive Board Positions and Role Descriptions:

Co-President: The co-presidents have the power to establish and maintain operation procedures necessary for SASP to function in an effective and efficient way. The co-presidents are expected to call meetings and are held responsible for actions of all other officers. The co-presidents are able to vote in all decisions regarding the organization.

Treasurer: The treasurer oversees all SASP funds upon the authorization of the co-presidents, in accordance with the financial rules and regulations of Miami University and Ohio state laws.

Secretary: The secretary keeps accurate and detailed records of all business and affairs, including membership attendance at SASP meetings and events.

Social Chair/Historian: The social chair assumes primary responsibility for organizing SASP social events, as well as coordinating the student “buddy” mentorship. First year students are matched with a member of the incoming cohort, these pairs then become “buddies”. In addition, the social chair is responsible for notifying SASP members of upcoming social events, and coordinating and planning of SASP social events (food, activities, etc.).

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP); Ohio School Psychologists Association (OSPA); and South Western Ohio School Psychologists Association (SWOSPA) Representatives and GSA Representative: The NASP, OSPA, and SWOSPA representatives shall represent SASP and the Miami University school psychology program to various professional associations and organizations relevant to professional development and networking of all SASP members. These representatives shall disperse pertinent information and updates from these organizations to all SASP members. The GSA Representative(s) are responsible for attending the GSA meetings held on campus once in monthly. All departments need to have a representative present in order to be eligible for travel and student organization funding. The GSA Representative(s) will also be responsible for sharing information and relevant events with SASP members.

Community Liaison: The community liaison assumes primary responsibility for seeking outside experiences within the community in which SASP members could actively participate.

Fundraising Chair: The fundraising chair will work with the Co-Presidents and Treasurer to plan, advertise, and execute events. This may include contacting businesses to hold fundraiser nights, setting up collection drives, etc. The fundraising chair is expected to collaborate with the co-presidents, treasurer, and their committee to execute at least two fundraising initiatives per semester.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Chair: The DEI Chair assumes responsibility for seeking opportunities and experiences to strengthen members' understanding of issues related to diversity. Diversity is meant in the largest sense and can include but is not limited to: gender identity, sexual orientation, class, age, disability, race/ ethnicity, and religion.

PR/Communications: The PR/Communications position's responsibilities include outreach to the department and university. The position creates newsletters, distributes a schedule of upcoming SASP events to SASP members, and manages SASP’s social media.


Frequently Asked Questions; Answers Provided by current SASP members

Q: Are first-years required/supposed to attend?

A: While SASP meetings are not required, it is strongly encouraged that first-years attend! When you transition into your second-year, each person will be given a specific role. Going to the meetings is a great way to connect with the program, get helpful information about future planning, and learn more about School Psychology as a whole. There are positions related to fundraising, community building, GSA (Graduate Student Association), OSPA (Ohio School Psychology Association), NASP (National Association of School Psychology), and many more. This is a great place to execute any ideas or passions related to School Psychology.

  1. What are the expectations for SASP?
  2. It is our hope that we will be able to plan fun activities together, hear from related professionals, and participate in other association events/activities. Once you are placed on your committee, your committee leader will help determine what tasks will be done this year. In your second-year, the expectation is that everyone will have their own role (this will be explained further at our first meeting).
  3. What are meetings for SASP like?
  4. We typically have an agenda that includes activities such as event planning, fundraising ideas, hearing from professionals on different related topics and providing information on future planning. These meetings are flexible and we encourage everyone to reach out if there is something that you would like added to the agenda. You can reach out to the current SASP President(s) about any ideas for SASP meetings.
  5. When will meetings be for SASP?
  6. We plan to have monthly meetings. They will take place during a mutual break in classes for both cohorts. An invitation for our first meeting and reminders for all our future meetings!


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